Kane Fitzpatrick

Kane is a Business Owner, Personal Trainer and Mental Health Awareness Ambassador from Western Australia. He grew up in a small regional town in the northwest of Australia where a deep passion for sports and competition was founded and this lead him to becoming a certified personal trainer and nutrition consultant to help share his knowledge, skills and passion for being active and enjoying a balanced lifestyle to help other people to improve their quality of life. Kane suffered depression for a number of years as a young man and witnessed his father go through depression and alcoholism which led to his fathers passing by suicide. As someone who also attempted suicide as a young man Kane found from strength from his peers and within himself to help spread awareness by sharing his experience of his own suffering and that of losing his father to other people of all ages with the hope of empowering them with the knowledge that Suicide is not the answer and that there is always help and solutions available for those who may feel like there aren't. Treat Kane like an open book and feel free to connect with him if you wish to discuss anything about his pieces.