Erin McKelle

Erin McKelle was a news writer at Bustle, where she contributed articles to Bustle's Lifestyle, Fashion, and Beauty verticles. Erin currently serves as Communications Coordinator at ETR for the YTH initiative. She is a writer, social media manager and digital strategist based in New York City. She first discovered blogging as a high-school student with a passion for sharing the health information she was learning with others and working as an advocate for sexual assault survivors. Since then, she has worked as a creative entrepreneur, consultant, writer and editor. She has done everything from working as a news writer for Bustle to conducting blogging campaigns for the Clinton Foundation. She regularly contributes to publications such as MindBodyGreen, Ravishly, and The Week, as well as her own MMA blog, Female Fight Fans. When Erin isn't drinking cold brew or practicing yoga, she can be found thrift shopping in Brooklyn and reading on rooftops.