Crystal Jackson


Crystal Jackson is a divorced mom of toddlers, and her interests include writing, reading, running, practicing mindfulness, and finding balance as an Empath. Crystal is a former family therapist and now works part-time for a consulting firm.

4 Things All Single People Should Be Doing Instead Of Looking For Love

By Crystal Jackson
I recently went to see the movie "How to be Single," and it made me think about the idea of being single, what it means for me and what it means in society. There are so many ways to be single, and I feel like I have embodied each of them at…

What Happens When You Stop Listening To People Who Say You're Not 'Enough'

By Crystal Jackson
Over the last several years of my life, one particular affirmation has stood out for me. "I am enough." For me, this one simple statement encompasses a lifetime of feelings on inclusion and exclusion, not being enough and being too much. There's so…

If You Keep Lowering Your Dating Standards, You'll Miss Out On Real Love

By Crystal Jackson
When friends talk about the terrible dates that they've been on, I simply can't relate. I married young, and I was married for nearly a dozen years. Now, in my mid-30s, I've been divorced for a handful of months and separated for over a year…

If Your Whole Life Just Turned Upside Down, Here's How To Get It Together

By Crystal Jackson
In case you haven't figured it out yet, life rarely goes according to plan. We often have an idea of the direction our lives will move, and when we find ourselves off that path, it can be a struggle. We imagine careers, families and a certain amount…

How I Knew I Was Finally Ready To Date Again After My Divorce

By Crystal Jackson
Dating is tough. There are the issues of attraction, chemistry, timing, intention and communication to deal with. Of course, there's also someone just running the game. In the minefield that is the dating game, it's easy to focus outside of…