Catherine Santino


Catherine Santino is an NYC based writer and performer. Her interests include strongly worded letters, chocolate based desserts, talking about Beyonce, and being an outfit repeater. You can read more on her blog:

Not A Corporate Monkey: 3 Ways 9-To-5 Jobs Don't Work For Creatives

By Catherine Santino
It's no surprise corporate America can be a confusing place for a creative person. In college, we were free to explore, learn and create. But post-graduation, we're suddenly faced with the harsh reality that society favors a certain kind of…

3 Reasons Why College RAs Deserve More Credit Than They're Given

By Catherine Santino
If you're a college student, you probably know your RA as that person who always smiles at you in the hallway and asks how your day is going. Maybe you've seen the signs in the hallways advertising one of his or her upcoming programs, which promises…

Living Life Unscripted: Why Everyone Should Take An Improv Class

By Catherine Santino
When most people hear the word “improv,” they probably think of  “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and Wayne Brady’s unreal ability to improvise entire songs, or they might recall classic characters from “Saturday Night Live.” Typically, these are unlikely…

7 Facts Of Life In NYC You Should Know Before Moving In

By Catherine Santino
Despite growing up in upstate New York and managing to make my way into New York City quite often, my recent move to The Big Apple was still quite overwhelming. One evening during my first week, a friend of mine who made NYC her home a few years…

Why The Rape Scene In 'Divergent' Is Completely Out Of Place

By Catherine Santino
When news first broke, I was beyond thrilled to learn that the YA series "Divergent" would be filming its on-screen adaptation (starring some of my favorite actors, no less). Before I even got a chance to see the film, however, I heard ramblings…