Alena Kroupnik

Alena Kroupnik is a 28-year-old young professional living in Montreal, Canada. She was born in Moscow, Russia but lived half of her life in North America and is fluent in Russian, English and French. She completed her undergraduate studies in Human Resources Management at John Molson School of Business, graduate studies in management at McGill University and holds a CHRP/CRHA designation with the Human Resources Order of Quebec. After having lived in Moscow, Montreal, Miami, and Toronto she believes that she has a different perspective of the world. She thinks of herself as an example of an immigrant who fully integrated into the North American way of life. She would like to take her readers on a journey of what she has learned about relationships, friendships, religion, culture, career, and just life in general while she was going through the various phases in her life that brought her to become who she is today.