Zayn Covered Beyoncé's "Me, Myself and I" & Fans Don't Know How To Feel

Kevork Djansezian/Brad Barket/Getty Images/Twitter

Zayn tried something new this weekend, and that something new was covering an iconic Beyoncé song. The former One Direction boy bander released a cover of one of Queen Bey's oldest hits on YouTube on June 29, and Zayn's cover of "Me, Myself and I" by Beyoncé is... interesting. The singer took the original tune from the song, lowered the key, and replaced Beyoncé's voice with his own (not that Bey is replaceable in any way, shape, or form), so it still sounds great, but the weirdest thing is hearing the narrative from the song changed to a man's perspective. Honest to god, when I heard this for the first time, I texted it to my best friend and said, "'You know who should really sing Beyoncé's iconic bop 'Me, Myself and I?' A man,' said no one ever." It's grown on me a bit after listening to it a few times just because Zayn's voice is sultry AF, but Imma go ahead and say that Zayn can keep this one.

Fans of both Zayn and Bey had lots of differing opinions on Twitter. Some thought it was a great match for Zayn's voice, which, I will admit, is true because he does sound great. But others are tripped up by the flipped narrative and aren't into the cover at all as a result. The original song is all about dating a guy you knew was bad for you in the first place, but thinking they could change once you were together. At one point, Bey sings out to the women she knew would be listening to the song to be like, "We all deserve better from our men," so to hear Zayn sing this part is hella weird.

I'll let you all make your own opinions about this, though.

Zayn changed up the lyrics to make them make sense for a man to sing, but I don't know... it's just weird to me, guys.

Some fans love the cover.

Some fans definitely don't.

Zayn changed some of the original lyrics to make more sense for a man to sing, but it kind of changes the entire meaning of the song. For me, that's the best part about the whole thing, so this cover ain't doin' it for me. Zayn's cover changes things up so the woman's family is the one warning him about the woman he's with, but then he also makes the line about cheating with other women about him. And then he keeps the line that says, "All the ladies, if you feel me, help me sing it out." What? This relationship he's talking about is just a mess from both sides, I guess? Zayn sounds good on the song, but this narrative is all over the place. I would've loved it had he just left all of the pronouns/original lyrics the same and just sang the song as is. Because it's 2018 and you can do that, y'know?

Beyoncé's "Me, Myself and I" lyrics are about a relationship that Bey should've known better about before getting into it. She sings,

I can't believe I fell for your schemes / I'm smarter than that / So dumb and naive to believe, that with me you're a changed man / Foolish of me to compete / When you cheat with loose women / It took me some time / But now I moved on

Zayn's version of this same verse goes,

I can't believe I fell for your schemes / I'm smarter than that / So dumb and naive to believe, that with you I'm a changed man / Foolish of you to compete / When I cheat with loose women / It took me some time / But now I moved on

Am I the only one confused by the story being told here?! Like, she fooled him into thinking he was a changed man, but it turns out he was still a cheating jerk, so... shame on her? Plz, help me understand.

The "Me, Myself and I" chorus, however, is universal. It goes,

Me, myself, and I / That's all I got in the end / That's what I found out / And it ain't no need to cry / I took a vow that from now on, I'm gonna be my own best friend

Forever a mood, no matter who's singing it.