Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here & It's Filled With Money Advice

by Rosey Baker
JP Danko

It's Thanksgiving week! The week we all get to pack our bags, schlep out to see our families, and get grilled by all our relatives about why we're not married, let alone how we're still single. Luckily, for every inquisitive relative, there's a platter of mashed potatoes to stress-eat over. If there's anything Thanksgiving can prove, it's that the universe is looking out for us in even the smallest of ways. Your Nov. 20, 2017, weekly horoscope is here to do that too, so turn that frown upside down b*tches, I've got some fun surprises in store for you.

This week isn't necessarily the most exciting week we've ever had, but it's going to be a good one, considering that it's best for things to remain somewhat stable when we're surrounded by family. Mercury is prepping to go into retrograde soon, on Dec. 3, 2017, but that means we've already entered into its pre-shadow phase and could be dealing with small hiccups in our plans and communication. Think delays with cash payments coming in that could be plaguing you already and forgotten dates. Just be sure to go through your calendar before the retrograde and make sure you've written down everything to make this retrograde smoother than the last.


This week, prepare to be stimulated by new ideas, new philosophies, and a desire to try new things. You've got a craving for adventure and for breaking out of the norms. Venus and Pluto are working together to deepen and intensify your bonds with others, and are encouraging conversations with others that go beyond the small talk to really shift your entire perspective.


This week starts off with the sun, Mercury, and Saturn encouraging you to get your money situation straightened out. It may be difficult to remain calm when it comes to late payments that are owed to you when you have money that you owe yourself, but try to be as patient as you would want others to be toward you. Cut costs where you can by walking your own dog this week or putting a pause on the gym membership and working out at home.


This week is about you — specifically you in relation to other people. You have the sun, Mercury, and Saturn in your seventh house of partnerships, so your focus will be directed at the give and take of your relationships. It seems you could be challenged in the beginning of the week by conversations regarding the way money is spent, or the amount of work a collaborator or co-worker is doing. Mercury and Uranus align at the end of the week by bringing new people into your life who have the influence to change everything for you.


If you've been struggling with your daily health or schedule, and the influence it's having on your overall happiness, this week it'll feel as though everything comes to a head. You may have doctors' appointments or changes to make regarding the way you eat, or the amount of rest you're getting. If you are burning the candle at both ends, this might be the week you finally burn out. If so, remember it's okay to take a break and relax.


This week, when the sun moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius, you'll be happy to feel your interest shift away from your home and family life to holiday parties and good times with friends. Avoid financial decisions on Nov. 22, when Neptune goes direct. At the end of the week, you could be invited to a social event with stimulating people who shift your perspective in ways you never expected.


This week you've got the sun, Mercury, and Saturn in your fourth house, meaning you could have your focus on more domestic issues. Maybe you're planning a holiday party and you've waited until the last minute to organize, or you waited to make holiday plans at all, and are now caught between your desire to do a friendsgiving and the pressure of a traditional family holiday. Whatever you decide, it seems the week gets less stressful by Nov. 25 when your social life ushers in new people (or a new person) you'll be glad you met.


With the upcoming travel you have planned this week (even locally), Mars and Uranus suggest you may have to deal with some unexpected delays. With Mercury and Saturn in your third house of communication and technology, you'll find it difficult to maintain your famous Libra politeness, so stay away from confrontational people this week if you can. If not, remember to just breathe, because this too shall pass.


Having Jupiter in your sign this week will make it an easier one for you than other signs. If you have travel plans, your attitude surrounding the holiday chaos will be extremely helpful to those around you who have a more negative attitude. You might even encourage the people you spend the holiday with to do Meals on Wheels or to help those who are less fortunate.


This week, the sun moves into your sign and you'll feel the universe start to smile on you. Or is it the opposite way around, when you are smiling, the universe smiles back? Either way, your ruling planet Jupiter will align with Neptune, boosting your creativity and stimulating your philanthropic side.

You may have someone from your past come back to haunt you at the beginning of the week, but by week's end, you'll be glad you didn't slide back into old patterns. Nov. 25 is a great day to socialize and meet new people who could have a lasting impact on your life.


You've been hustling hard at work Capricorn, and the holiday season might feel like it isn't quite the break you'd been hoping for, with the traveling and the forced socializing. If a part of you is begging for solitude, pay attention. Your twelfth house of secrets, spirituality, and insight is highly energized this week and you deserve to give yourself the downtime it's asking you for.


This week will put you in the best position for socializing, as the moon will be in Aquarius near Thanksgiving on Nov. 23, making it the perfect time for gathering with friends. On Nov. 25, Mercury and Uranus will align to give you the opportunity to make new friends through a social opportunity, or to take a day trip with a loved one, expanding both your minds and creating stimulating conversations.


This week your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievements will be energized by the presence of Mercury, the sun, and Saturn. You've been working your little *ss off, and that won't slow down for you just because of the holidays. Luckily, on Nov. 25, Mercury and Uranus are working together to stimulate your mind with brand new, innovative ideas that could easily make you some more money.