You'll Use These 40 Clever Under-$25 Products On Amazon At Least Twice A Day

Every now and then, a product comes along that — at the risk of sounding melodramatic — literally changes your daily routine. Maybe it's a beauty product that clears your skin up. Or perhaps it's a kitchen tool that cuts your cooking time in half. The things that bring joy to your life can come in many forms — however, one thing they often have in common? They're some of the most affordable things on Amazon.

When you find genius things on Amazon that don't require half your paycheck, you want to scoop them up fast. To help you discover these elusive, amazing, and affordable products, I've spent time combing through Amazon to find the best deals for you. I've included everything from water bottles to dish racks to Bluetooth speakers.

Some of the items are practical, and others are products are made to be used to treat yourself. The common denominator is that all are things you will use regularly — at least twice a day — and not just stash away in a closet. Best of all, each one costs less than $25. Take a look at the list below to find the most best cheap products on Amazon out there.

This Electronic Facial Cleanser That Lifts Dirt From Your Pores Like A Miniature Facial

This deep-cleansing facial brush is the perfect way to take your skincare routine to the next level. Rather than a simple washcloth, it uses soft rotating bristles to penetrate your pores, lifting dirt and leaving your skin extra-clean. It has two speed settings and it's fully waterproof so you can use it in the shower. Plus, it comes with seven detachable heads so you can customize the experience to your specific skincare needs.

These Blue Light-Blocking Glasses Will Let You Sit At The Computer Without Straining Your Eyes

For folks who spend a lot of time in front of a computer or other types of electronic screens, these blue light-blocking glasses are a great way to protect your eyes. Constructed with PC material, they are tough and durable without being thick or bulky. Wearing them at the computer reduces eyestrain and helps prevent headaches.

This Weird But Genius Folding Board That Creates Perfectly Folded T-Shirts Every Time

Prepare for your dresser to look like a department store shelf with this clever T-shirt folding board that produces impeccably tidy stacks of clothes. The clever contraption allows you to fold T-shirts in less than five seconds (yes, you read that right) and, let's be honest — they'll probably look better than you could do on your own in five minutes. The device, which is made of strong polypropylene, is easy to learn and effortless to operate.

A Packet Of Eco-Friendly Wraps Made Entirely From Beeswax

These convenient, eco-friendly alternatives to plastic wrap allow you to save leftover food without destroying the environment. The beeswax food wraps are 100% plastic-free and compostable. They work just as well as plastic wrap — but they can be washed and reused. They're even fortified with organic jojoba oil and biodegradable cellulose.

These Clever Clips For Gripping Pots And Hot Plates With Ease

These innovative hot plate retriever clips will put your regular pot holders to shame. On top of protecting your hands from getting burned, they provide additional leverage to grip heavy items, lifting any pot or pan up to 5 pounds with ease. The durable grippers are made with tough stainless steel and silicone pads for holding them comfortably.

This Powerful Mouthwash That Keeps Your Gums In Tip-Top Shape

Whether you have sensitive gums or simply want to improve your oral hygiene routine, this periodontal mouthwash is the way to go. Made with powerful cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC), it specifically targets your gums to keep them healthy, fresh, and odor-free. On top of that, it's vegan and gluten-free.

A Pair Of Moisturizing Sock That Deliver Hydration To Your Feet

If your feet are prone to dryness or cracking, these genius moisturizing socks will feel like heaven. Made with special gel liners, they're constructed to release botanical oils, aloe vera, and nutrient-rich vitamins to invigorate and revive your feet. You can also add a moisturizer to them for extra hydration.

A Double-Slotted Knife Sharpener That's Compact And Easy To Use

This genius little gadget is a convenient way to keep your knives sharp without having to use a heavy metal block or rub them against a stone. The KitchenIQ knife sharpener has two slots — one is coarse to handle very dull knives and the other is finer to polish the ones that are already somewhat sharp. It's super compact and features a non-slip base to prevent it from sliding around.

These Silicone Ice Cube Trays With Lids To Keep Tastes And Odors Out

Upgrade your plastic freezer trays with these classy silicone versions. The durable ice cube trays are made with flexible, non-stick silicone that allows you to pop ice out easily without them bending or cracking. Best of all, they have lids to prevent tastes and odors in the freezer from penetrating the ice and transferring to your drink.

An Apricot-Based Body Oil Spray For Rejuvenating Dry Or Flaky Skin

This ultra-hydrating body oil spray is formulated with apricot and kernel oil to soothe dry skin and leave you soft, moisturized, and smelling delicious. The mist is free of parabens, phthalates, and chemical dyes. "I am obsessed with this oil," wrote one fan. "I used to use lotion as a moisturizer, but after trying this, I'll never go back."

A Vacuum For Your Face That Gently Sucks Dirt And Oil From Your Pores

If you're prone to blackheads, this facial pore cleaner is a great method for keeping them at bay. The electronic tool uses a gentle probe that operates like a mild vacuum to lift dirt and oil from your pores. It comes with four heads — small, large, oval, and exfoliating — leaving your skin looking fresher and blemish-free.

This Motivational Water Bottle That Reminds You To Stay Hydrated

If you want to drink more water, this motivational water bottle is a fantastic method for making it happen. It has hour markers indicating where you should be at what time of the day if your goal is to drink a full bottle. The large-capacity water bottle can hold 128 ounces and is made of sturdy BPA-plastic.

A Packet Of Biodegradable Wet Wipes That Are Like Portable Bidets

These biodegradable wet wipes are perfect for camping, traveling, or other times you're away from regular bathroom facilities. And unlike regular toilet paper, you can leave them behind with a clean conscience — because they're fully biodegradable. They also make great wipes for keeping in your bathroom at home to freshen up after doing your business.

A High-Quality Bamboo Travel Mug With A Built-In Tea Infuser

Travel mugs for coffee are a dime a dozen — but it's hard to find high-quality travel mugs for your tea. This unique bamboo tumbler, which is built with an integrated tea infuser, is the perfect cup for the job. With vacuum insulated walls, it keeps tea hot for 12 hours and, if you like iced tea, it keeps it cold for a full day. As a bonus, the infuser is removable so you can use it for coffee, cocoa, smoothies, and other to-go drinks, too.

An Aromatic Cuticle Cream Made With Mandarin And Lemongrass

Made with nourishing shea butter, this organic cuticle cream will bathe your fingers in rich hydration. On top of its moisturizing properties, it has aromatic essential oils such as geranium, mandarin, lemongrass, and ginger, too. What's more, it's 100% non-GMO and gluten-free. You can also rub it all over your hands and put on gloves for a homemade solution to dry skin.

These Soothing And Convenient Pain Relief Patches For Treating Sore Muscles

Hot packs and vapor rubs aren't the only way to alleviate muscle pain. These effective pain relief patches do the job too — and they're extremely convenient. Made with adhesives that you stick on like a bandaid, they relieve aches and pain via soothing camphor and menthol. Apply them to your neck, back, shoulders, feet, or anywhere else that have the tendency to get sore.

A Secret Pouch You Can Use To Store Valuables When You Travel

Rather than wearing a money belt which often makes you a target for thieves, this convenient travel pouch attaches to your bra underneath your shirt. The covert coin purse can be used to stash cash, credits cards, jewelry, or other small valuables when you're traveling. It's also great when you go out dancing or to other places where you don't want to have to lug around a purse. Just note that it's not big enough to hold a passport.

A Heated Pillow With Luxurious Massage Nodes For At-Home Spa Days

If you don't want to fork over the cash for a professional massage, this durable electric massager is a great at-home compromise. Designed to fit behind your neck like a pillow, it features luxurious massage nodes that circulate on four different settings. On top of that, the device is heated so it delivers soothing warmth as it relaxes your muscles.

These Environmentally-Friendly Bamboo Pads That Remove Makeup Without Soap

Do the environment a favor and try these reusable makeup removers next time you take off your foundation or blush. The eco-friendly bamboo pads make great alternatives to cotton and still feel soft against your skin. Best of all, they remove your makeup without any soap — just water will do in a pinch. Best of all, these come with a reusable laundry bag.

These Earth-Friendly Dish Scrubbers Made From Veggies

It's hard to find eco-friendly sponges that actually scrub because most of the time the scrubber part is made of plastic. These all-natural kitchen scrubs, however, do the job perfectly. They're made from loufa vegetables — essentially plant-based fibers — providing a sustainable yet effective way to clean your pots and pans.

This Unique Arak Stick That Whitens Your Teeth

For a sparkling, pearly white smile, look no further than this all-natural teeth whitening kit. Sourced from the Arak tree, the wooden tool whitens your teeth without harmful chemicals. It comes with a case you can use to carry it that also has room fort your regular toothbrush. As a bonus, the Arak wood helps reduce odors in the mouth, too.

This Wireless Ear Bud — Yes, One — That Syncs Fast And Plays For 6 Hours

With nearly 3,000 reviews, this wireless ear bud has a virtual cult-following on Amazon. Fans says the sound is crisp and clear while the Bluetooth syncs quickly. Not only that, it's exceptionally lightweight — you barely feel them in your ear. It plays for six hours on one charge and come with a zippered carry case. So, why one? It's more for phone calls and working in your office, where you may need to stay alert.

These Super Versatile Cable Organizers That Keep Your Cords From Tangling

Rather than suffering through a jumbled mess of cords, these handy cable clips keep all of your electronics neat and tidy. Not only that, you can use the versatile clips for other miscellaneous things like keychains or fridge magnets. They're made with durable silicone with powerful magnets on each end.

This Unbelievably Handy Purse Organizer That Makes Everything Easy To Find

Never again dig into the bottomless abyss of your purse trying to find something. This ultra-handy purse organizer insert fits inside, breaking it into 13 convenient compartments. It's constructed with sturdy yet lightweight felt that reviewers say is soft and durable. As a bonus, it comes with a detachable felt keychain that keeps your keys accessible.

An Extremely Tiny Bluetooth Speaker That Delivers Big Sound For Its Size

This miniature Bluetooth speaker may be tiny but it packs a lot of punch. The crisp audio delivers sounds that's loud yet clear, and it boasts a 500 mAh lithium-polymer battery that plays for four hours straight. Most impressively, the whole thing weighs only 6.2 ounces. One reviewer wrote: "The sound from this tiny speaker will surprise you. It is AMAZING! It's real loud and very clear."

An Hugely Convenient Bedside Caddy That Keeps Your Books And Remote Controls Handy

This convenient bedside caddy keeps all of your essentials within arm's reach. Simply attach it to the side your bed and use it to access your remote control, laptop, book, notepad, or other frequently wanted items. The useful caddy is constructed with two layers of durable felt and a thin layer of EVA foam in the middle.

A Unique Tablet Holder That Lets You Read Or Watch Movies In Bed

If you like to read or watch movies on your tablet in bed, you'll find this clever device holder fantastically convenient. It's perfectly customized to fit an iPad, Kindle, or other device —which it holds at an angle so you can read or watch TV shows. Additionally, it folds out to create space for a wireless keyboard.

A Well-Designed Dish Rack That Doesn't Get Moldy

Rather than drying your dishes on flat surface where the water drips down on the counter (creating slimy, gross buildup over time), this brilliant over-the-sink dish rack sends it down the drain. Even better, the sides collapse so you can tuck it in a cupboard to store rather than hogging up space on the counter. The clever gadget holds up to eight plates and has special slots for silverware, too.

A Gooseneck Phone Holder That Bends In Practically Every Direction

With a 360-degree rotating clip, this versatile gooseneck phone holder offers the flexibility to adjust your device to the perfect angle. The dual-arm design provides one arm to keep it steady while the other holds you phone. "These are just so perfectly designed," wrote one reviewer. "I don't know how I lived without one until now."

A Tiny Spatula That Fits Into Bottles So You Can Use The Last Drop

If you're sick of wasting expensive products like facial creams and hair serums, this clever beauty product spatula will help. The tiny tool fits inside beauty care bottles so you can extract every last drop of the product inside. It works with hand and body lotions, fancy soaps, liquid foundation, hair gel, tanning creams, and other similar products. As a bonus, you can wash it and use it for kitchen items like mayonnaise or hot sauce.

A Convenient Reusable Garbage Bin You Can Put On The Back Of The Car Seat

To help you keep things neat and tidy when you're on the road, this awesome automobile garbage bin provides a handy place so store your trash. It fits over the back seat, offering two gallons of space for gum wrappers, soda bottles, chip bags, scrap paper, and other items. It features a secure Velcro opening and material that's 100% waterproof, leak-proof, and fully reusable.

An Aromatic Roll-On Stick With Peppermint And Lavender To Fight Migraines

Formulated with a soothing blend of peppermint, spearmint, and lavender oils, this all-natural migraine stick is a wonderful alternative to synthetic pharmaceuticals. The soothing roll-on stick can be applied to your temples or the back of your neck to alleviate migraines and other persistent headaches. In addition to the calming scents, it has a base of fractionated coconut oil.

A Personal Fan You Can Use In The Office, Car, Or Walking Around

For a cooling breeze anywhere you go, this cute handheld fan delivers breezy airflow directly to your face. You can hang it from an umbrella or parasol for customized fanning — or hold it in your hand while you walk or sit in the park. On top of that, it can be placed on your office desk, automobile dashboard, or nightstand. It has three adjustable speeds and a convenient folding design.

A Heating Pad With A Special Pocket To Keep Your Feet Toasty Warm

If you're prone to chilly feet, this cleverly designed heating pad will help keep them warm and toasty. Constructed with a unique pocket, you can tuck your feet inside for 360-degree warming. It's the perfect thing to stash under your desk while you work, or curl up with on the couch during movie night. You can also use it on your abdomen to soothe cramps, or higher up on the legs to heal sore muscles.

A Travel Power Strip With A Few Different Options For Charging

This power strip is non-surge protected (so it's safe to bring on a cruise), and has three usb ports and three outlets — so you can charge plenty of devices with it. There's an easy on/off button for power, and has a 15-inch cord that makes it perfect for desktops.

A Versatile Balance Board You Can Use For Tons Of Different Workouts

Made with tough plastic and TPR material, this sturdy balance board will get your legs, arms, and core into shape in no time. The flexible workout device features a 15-degree angle with 360-degree rotation, allowing yo to use it for a wide range of exercises. What's more, it's outfitted with an abrasion-resistant ABS platform so it won't slide around on hard floors.

An Ultra-Genius Sneaker Bag That Prevents Them From Knocking Around In The Dryer

Putting your sneakers in the dryer is a great way to break the dryer or at least making a very annoying sounds for an hour That's why this sneaker wash bag is so brilliant. You can fasten in to the door of the dryer so your shoes get the hear and air without being tossed around. It has a secure zipper and is compatible with most dryers.

An Exfoliating Body Brush That Promotes Healthy Blood Circulation

This gentle exfoliating brush is made with a combination of all-natural bristles and real wood. You can use it on your body during or after your shower to smooth dry skin and improve your blood circulation. In addition to bristles, it features calming massage nodes that help relax your muscles.

A Fresh-Smelling Citrus-Argan Oil That Gives Your Face A Healthy Glow

Rather than using skin serums with harsh chemicals, give these all-natural organic facial drops a try. They're made with a fresh, delightful smelling mix of citrus and vitamin E, argan oil, rosehip, and sea buckthorn oil. The unique blend, which you apply to your face after washing it, gives your skin a fresh, invigorated glow. One reviewer wrote: "It feels great on, isn't oily, my skin loves it. It gives a little glow."

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