You Won't Believe These 35 Products Are Consistently Best-Sellers On Amazon

Walking through the aisles of an actual brick and mortar store may be fun, but you never know what's real and what's just advertising. For instance, without seeing or hearing real reviews from real customers, how can you be sure if something is really a "best seller" or if the store's sign is just a cheap advertising attempt? Luckily, with all the consistent best-sellers on Amazon, you can quickly tell what's worth the purchase and what isn't.

The best thing about Amazon's best-sellers is that the items tend to have dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of reviews so that you know that you're shelling out dollars on a truly brilliant product instead of worthless junk. When was the last time you saw someone leave a sticky note review in an aisle a big-box store?

Honestly, with so many great, verifiable deals and products on Amazon, why bother stepping into an actual store ever again?

Lifestyle — You Won't Believe These 35 Products Are Consistently Best-Sellers On Amazon

1. The Frame That Lets You Hang A Trash Bag Practically Anywhere

Lunies Hanging Trash Bag Holder, $7, Amazon

Sometimes all you need is a trash can, but you're left tying a bag to a drawer as a quick alternative — so why not use the Lunies hanging trash bag holder? This frame can be hung on the outside and inside of doors and drawers so you can easily hang a trash bag for whenever you need it, and because it's super easy to install there are zero tools required to use it!


2. A Sunscreen That Helps Hydrate Your Skin While Protecting It From The Sun

Supergoop! SPF 50 Sunscreen Oil, $34, Amazon

Sometimes sunscreen can wind up leaving a greasy residue on your skin, but the Supergoop! SPF 50 sunscreen oil not only goes on smoothly, but the formula takes it a step further by hydrating dry skin at the same time. One Amazon reviewer writes that "It really works and leaves your skin feeling very soft, a little goes a long way and it's worth every penny!"


3. The Fun Party Game That's Great For Adults

What Do You Meme? Adult Party Game, $30, Amazon

Made specifically for adults, the What Do You Meme? adult party game is great for game nights and parties, and you can play with anywhere from three to 20 players. Each game takes between 30 and 90 minutes to play so that you're not trapped in an infinite competition, and because there are 435 cards the replay value is almost endless.


4. A Cleaning Mat For Makeup Brushes Made From High-Quality Silicone

TailaiMei Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat, $10, Amazon

The TailaiMei makeup brush cleaning mat is made from high-quality silicone and has seven different imprinted cleaning patterns so you can ensure that your brushes get a thoroughly cleaned. Simply use the suction cups to attach it to your vanity, and you're ready to go!


5. The Teeth Whitening Pen That Works Great On Wine, Coffee, Tea Stains, And More

AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Pen, $20, Amazon

You could spend thousands of dollars on getting your teeth professionally whitened, or you could use the AuraGlow teeth whitening pen. This pen uses carbamide peroxide to remove stains from coffee, wine, tea, and smoking from your teeth, and all you have to do is use it one or two times a day to start seeing visible results. Able to get your teeth four to eight shades whiter with consistent use, this whitening pen is also discrete enough that you can toss it into your purse for use at the office or during the day.


6. A Wine Tumbler That Has Its Own Lid To Prevent Spills

Skylety Stemless Insulated Tumbler (2 Pack), $23, Amazon

Not only are these Skylety stemless insulated tumblers chic AF, the double-insulated wall is great for keeping your beverages colder, longer. Each tumbler comes with its own lid so that you can save yourself from any accidental spills, and the lid has its own straw hole so that you can choose to sip instead of gulp if you like.


7. The Measuring Cups That Collapse To Save You Space

Leepiya Collapsible Measuring Cups, $11, Amazon

I actually own a set of the Leepiya collapsible measuring cups, and I can say without a doubt that they really do save you space in the kitchen. Regular measuring cups are bulky and take up a lot of space in drawers, but not only are these ones collapsible, but they're also made from silicone so that you know they're durable enough to last a lifetime.


8. A Hanging Fan That Doubles As A Handy Lantern

HAITRAL Portable LED Lantern Fan, $14, Amazon

Great for summertime camping when it's hot, or even as an emergency light source, the HAITRAL portable LED lantern fan weighs less than 1 pound and is super portable. You can adjust the fan's speed between high and low depending on what's most comfortable, and because it's made from high-quality ABS plastic you won't have to worry about it cracking when you're using it on the go.


9. The Cable Organizer That's Lightweight And Waterproof

BAGSMART Universal Cable Organizer, $20, Amazon

This BAGSMART universal cable organizer is made from super-durable nylon, and the molded case is not just waterproof, but also proficient at keeping your electronics safe in the event you accidentally drop the case. And while it's marketed for electronics, you can also use this organizer for makeup, art supplies — the possibilities are endless!


10. A Lip Gloss That Uses 100 Percent Organic Coconut Oil To Hydrate Your Lips

Kopari Coconut Lip Gloss, $12, Amazon

Whereas other lip glosses have color but don't really help with chapped lips, the Kopari coconut lip gloss is the total opposite — a gloss without color that uses vitamin E, shea butter, and 100 percent organic coconut oil to help hydrate your pout with every application.


11. The Tool That Gives Your Hand The Massage It Rarely Gets

Gaiam Hand Therapy Kit, $10, Amazon

The Gaiam hand therapy kit is a hand massager that helps increase the circulation in your hands while reducing stiffness and soothing any pain that comes from arthritis. Designed to be able to massage the whole hand (including your fingers), this therapy kit also comes with its own how-to guide so you can get the most out of every massage!


12. A Rice Cooker That Lets You Make Rice In The Microwave

Sistema Microwave Rice Cooker, $12, Amazon

Rice takes about 40 minutes to cook on the stove, but in the Sistema microwave rice cooker it takes less than 20 minutes depending on how much rice you're making. Unlike other rice makers, this handy gadget has easy-lift tabs so that your hands stay safe even when handling the hot contents, and because it's dishwashers safe you won't have to worry about annoying cleanups.


13. The Eye Pillow That Blocks Out Light Without The Added Pressure

Blissful Being Microwaveable Eye Pillow, $12, Amazon

Sleeping masks can exert uncomfortable pressure as they sit over your eyes, but the Blissful Being microwaveable eye pillow simply rests over your eyes, removing the pressure while still blocking out external light. And in the event you've had a persistent headache all day, this eye pillow can both be frozen or microwaved so that you can use it to cool down and soothe pains.


14. A Set Of Collapsible Bowls That Save Precious Kitchen Space

Progessive Collapsible Bowls (3 Pack), $15, Amazon

Large mixing bowls can take up a lot of space in your kitchen — luckily, the Progressive collapsible bowls take up hardly any space, as each bowl can collapse down to just one-third of their original size. Dishwasher safe and easy to store when not in use, these bowls come with their own leak-resistant clear lids so you can also use them for transporting food!


15. The Hanger That Saves Your Bananas From Bruising

The Minimalist Home Banana Hanger, $9, Amazon

The Minimalist Home banana hanger not only saves you counter space, but it also keeps your bananas fresher for longer. It can hold up to 10 pounds (so you can use it to hang a variety of things besides bananas too!) and is easy to install.


16. A Pack Of Face Masks That Use Snail Mucin To Refresh Your Skin

LA PURE Snail Facial Mask (10 Pack), $19, Amazon

Snail mucin is a popular beauty ingredient in Asia thanks to its natural hydrating abilities, and not only are the LA PURE snail facial masks packed with it, but they even go the extra mile by adding in hyaluronic acid to help brighten your skin to a healthy glow. Each mask works to hydrates and repair irritated skin, with one Amazon reviewer noting that her skin felt extra-soft and moisturized after one use.


17. The Foot Pads That Help Soothe Aches And Pains

Phavea Foot Pads (20 Pack), $22, Amazon

Apply the Phavea foot pads to each foot one hour before bedtime for an all-natural sleep aid that releases stress and helps you fall into deep slumber. And not only do these foot pads help improve the quality of your sleep, but any impurities or unwanted odors that were stuck to your feet get removed as well, leaving you feeling super refreshed.


18. A Tool That Makes Chopping Up Avocados A Breeze

Amco Avocado Slicer And Pitter, $9, Amazon

The Amco avocado slicer and pitter fits practically any sized avocado, and the wired end makes getting 11 uniformly-sliced pieces of avocado simple. Plus, it's dishwasher safe so cleaning up is quick and effortless.


19. The Touchscreen Cleaner That Uses Zero Chemicals

SKT Productions Touchscreen Cleaner, $20, Amazon

The SKT Productions touchscreen cleaner wipes down your smartphone screen using zero chemicals. It works more like an eraser by instantly removing any fingerprints or smudges just by rubbing it on top of them. And because it's reusable, you'll no longer be left spending money on expensive wipes and sprays!


20. A USB Cable That Lets You Charge Five Different Devices At Once

Chafon Multi-USB Cable, $8, Amazon

You could go hunting around for separate cables, or you could keep all of them in the same convenient spot by using the Chafon multi-USB cable. This cable has five different plug-ins, including a regular USB, two micro USBs, one mini USB, and one USB 2.0. And because they all feed into the same attachment, you can easily use all five plug-ins at the same time, allowing you to charge five devices simultaneously.


21. The Outlet With A Unique Swivel Design

Globe Electric Swivel Outlet, $18, Amazon

Unlike other power strips, the Globe Electric swivel outlet lets you rotate the outlets so that you can plug your electronics in from the most optimal angle. There are two USB ports on the top so that you don't need to find a power brick in order to charge your phone, and because this outlet is surge protected up to 2,100 joules you won't have to worry about overloading it when in use.


22. A Drain Protector That Collects Hair Before It Can Clog Your Pipes

TubShroom Drain Protector, $13, Amazon

Pulling out wet, slimy hair from your drain is no one's idea of fun, so grab the TubShroom drain protector and save yourself the stress instead. This drain protector plugs into practically any drain, neatly collecting hair around it so that you aren't left with tangled messes in your tub, or stuck having to use liquid drain cleaners with potentially harmful chemicals in them. And when it's time to clean, just remove the TubShroom and throw out all the excess hair it's gathered!


23. The Balm That Uses Shea Butter To Repair Dry Skin

La Roche-Posay Repairing Balm, $15, Amazon

The La Roche-Posay repairing balm can be applied all over your body (except for your eyes) to help soothe dry skin by healing irritated areas using rich shea butter. One Amazon reviewer even noted that this balm helped speed up her skin's healing process after a microdermabrasion facial.


24. A Reusable Paper Towel Made From Bamboo

Bambooee Reusable Paper Towel, $12, Amazon

You can't beat the convenience of paper towels, but they are so wasteful — but the Bambooee reusable paper towels are just as convenient without any of the waste! These paper towels are machine washable up to 100 times, and each roll has 20 sheets. Durable and super absorbent, you can even wash them using the top rack of your dishwasher as long as you don't stack a bunch of them on each other.


25. The Silicone Caps That Keep Your Beverages Fresh

KLOUD City Silicone Bottle Caps, $9, Amazon

The KLOUD City silicone bottle caps fit over beer, wine, and cola bottles so that your drinks won't go flat or spoil when the original cork or cap won't screw back on. One Amazon reviewer noted that they're also reliable, as "the cat knocked over a wine bottle with one of these caps, and it didn't spill at all."


26. A Roller That Gives Your Skin A Healthy Glow

Sdara Skincare Derma Roller, $20, Amazon

You could shell out for expensive needling done by a professional, or you could do it at home yourself with the Sdara Skincare derma roller. The needles on this roller measure in at .25 millimeters, allowing you to exfoliate away dead skin cells so that your skin is left glowing and refreshed.


27. The Toe Stretcher That Helps Align Your Toes To Relieve Pain

Yoga Toes Gel Toe Stretcher (2 Pack), $30, Amazon

Yoga Toes gel toe stretcher helps relieve pain from ailments like bunions and plantar fasciitis, and because it's designed with an open-top design this stretcher allows for more flexibility than other competing stretchers.


28. A Facial Steamer That Helps Open Up Your Pores For Deep Cleansing

OKACHI GLIYA Facial Steamer, $70, Amazon

Steaming your face before using a cleanser is a great way to open up your pores for a deeper clean, and the OKACHI GLIYA facial steamer is right on the money. This steamer has a large 80-milliliter water tank that allows it to run for about 15 minutes (not that you would need to steam your face that long), and as an added bonus it can even double as a humidifier!


29. The Oil Blotting Tissues Made From Organic Bamboo Charcoal

PleasingCare Oil Blotting Tissues, $7, Amazon

Made from 100 percent natural linen fibers with organic bamboo charcoal for extra oil-absorbing power, PleasingCare oil blotting tissues help control shine on your face without needing any messy powders.


30. An Exercise Peddler That Folds Down For Easy Storage And Transport

Drive Medical Exercise Peddler, $17, Amazon

While most exercise peddlers can be bulky and awkward to transport, the Drive Medical exercise peddler can collapse so that it's not only easy to take with you, but it saves storage space as well. The four anti-slip rubber pads help keep it stable no matter how hard you pedal so that it won't go sliding across the floor, and you can easily adjust the tension using the screw in the middle.


31. The Toilet Paper Additive That Softens Your Skin With Aloe

Squatty Potty Toilet Paper Foam, $8, Amazon

Wet wipes can get expensive over time, but the Squatty Potty toilet paper foam lets you make your own wet wipes using toilet paper. Simply spray it directly onto the paper, then wipe — the aloe vera works to help soften your skin unlike traditional toilet paper, and the added witch hazel helps to reduce discomfort. And because the bottle is small and discrete, you can easily throw it in your purse or backpack for use anywhere.


32. An Adjustable Spice Rack That Helps Keep You Organized

Spicy Shelf Adjustable Spice Rack, $25, Amazon

Digging through your cabinet trying to find the one spice you need can be difficult when all the containers are about the same height, but the Spicy Shelf adjustable spice rack takes that jumbled mess of ingredients and organizes them so you can easily see all your entire spice inventory at once.


33. The Desk That Fits Right Underneath Your Car's Steering Wheel

Cutequeen Car Wheel Desk, $12, Amazon

It probably goes without saying that you should not use this while driving, but yeah — don't use the Cutequeen car wheel desk while driving. It can come in handy when you're parked. It's the perfect makeshift desk to hold your laptop while you work or eat lunch so you're not spilling food all over the interior of your car. And because it's super lightweight, you can easily keep it in your seat's rear pocket.


34. A Book That Helps You Achieve Your Goals

Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis, $14, Amazon

If you've ever felt like you don't know what you're doing in life, Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis will make you feel better by examining what exactly is making you feel overwhelmed and without direction. One Amazon reviewer wrote that "I have a lot of lies that I tell myself and this book helped me regain confidence in myself, helped me dream big, and helped me make plans for my dreams and not just hopes!"


35. The Detangling Brush With Bristles That Rock Back And Forth While You Groom

Remington Electric Detangling Brush, $13, Amazon

Great for use on both wet and dry hair, the bristles on the Remington electric detangling brush rock back and forth to help gently get rid of knots in your hair. Unlike other detangling brushes, the soft-tip teeth on this one help protect your scalp from damage in the event you accidentally brush or pull too hard, and because it comes with its own slip-on cover to protect it from dirt you can easily take this brush with you when traveling or on the go.

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