This App Lets You Video Chat With Your Dog & I Need It Immediately

by Collette Reitz

You know that sad part of the morning when you're finally ready to leave for work, and then you have to say goodbye to your main pup (or cat)? Yeah, that's not really the happiest start to your day. You'll be at the office, and your doggo will be home all alone — being cute and adorable for no one to see. The good news is that now there actually is a way for you to stay up-to-date with your pet's day right there on your phone. How? Well, you can video chat your dog with the Petcube app, and you'll never again miss out on your favorite pup's shenanigans.

If you're not familiar with Petcube and you're a pet owner, you're missing out. Petcube is a camera connected to an app on your phone (available on both iOS and Android) that monitors your pet throughout the day, but it's not only a nanny cam for pets. The Petcube Play pet camera interacts with your dog or cat by using it's built-in laser, and Petcube Bites is a treat-dispensing interactive camera that can reward your "good boy" when you're not there. As if treats and laser-play weren't enough, Petcube is about to offer one more super cool feature: video chatting with your pet, according to The Verge.

This new feature that allows a two-way video chat to be initiated by your dog or cat will debut in the spring of this year. Of course, you can already keep an eye on your pet from your phone by just looking at the camera that's monitoring them, but this is the first pet detection technology that will actually have your pup's face ringing on your phone adorably begging for a video chat.

So, how will it actually work? Well, your pet won't be dialing your seven digits with their paw (OMG, but what if?!), rather, the technology will snap a selfie of your dog or cat when they are in front of the camera, and that will also turn on the video capability. The frame-worthy selfie that was snapped of your furry friend will then be sent to your phone via the Petcube app, and you'll have the option to accept or reject (how could you?) the video chat invite.


Once you've accepted the video chat, you can talk to your pet and make sure that they're holding down the fort while you're away. Not only will your pup be happy to hear your voice (because your dog loves you, duh!), but you'll see them reacting to you in real time. Honestly, that sounds like the perfect pick-me-up (for both of you) when the workday slog is all too real.

If work does get in the way and you have to (sadly) reject Fido's video chat, you can always save the video of that hilarious tail-chasing session and watch it later. Or, if it's too cute to keep to yourself (let's be honest, it probably is), you can also share it in the moment with the Facebook Live capability.


If you're a Petcube newbie, but the promise of having your fur bestie as your most-called "contact" is enough to get you on board, then you'll be happy to know that the video chatting capability is available on both the Petcube Play and Petcube Bites. Even more good news, both cameras have price reductions in the Petcube store right now.

So, if you're looking for a way to stay connected with your pet while you're at the office (beyond looking at the multiple framed photos of them), then you'll be set with Petcube and all the video chats with your favorite pup.