Joey King Shut Down All Hope Of Her Dating Jacob Elordi Again

by Candice Jalili
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I'm really sorry if you were hoping that Joey King would date Jacob Elordi again because it looks like she's pretty over it. In fact, during an Aug. 11 appearance on The Howard Stern Show, King revealed she's probs never going to date an actor again. "I couldn’t,” King replied, per Us Weekly, when asked if she'd be down to date another actor in the future. “I think that it’s awesome to date someone in your field, who gets it, but doing the same exact thing as somebody is tough. It’s really tough.”

While the relationship is presumably what turned her off dating any and all actors in the future, King doesn't regret the time she spent in a relationship with Elordi. "I think it’s a good thing we dated in the first place,” she told Stern. “I learned the most I’ve ever learned in my life from him.”

True. I mean, how else would she know she doesn't like dating actors if she didn't actually have the chance to... date an actor?

This isn't the first time King has opened up about her relationship with her ex. In an Aug. 11 cover interview with Cosmopolitan, King got honest about what it was like filming The Kissing Booth 2 alongside Elordi. “No one’s thinking to themselves, ‘That was easy,’ because it wasn’t,” King told the publication. “I’m sure people will analyze every moment and every detail. And you know what? Let them.”

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That said, she maintained she's happy they were able to both show up to do their characters justice. “There’s so much I want to say. What’s the most, um, correct way to go about this?” she continued. “Elle Evans needs her Noah Flynn, and whatever that means for my personal life, I’ll do anything to make sure the story of my character who I care about so much is complete.”

Elordi and King began dating in 2017 after meeting on set of The Kissing Booth. The stars were together for almost two years until reportedly splitting in November 2018, per Us Weekly. Nowadays Elordi is rumored to be dating his Euphoria costar Zendaya, while King is rumored to be dating producer Steven Piet. (Elite Daily previously reached out to Piet and King for comment on their rumored relationship and also to Zendaya and Elordi for comment on their rumored relationship, but did not hear back from either.)

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Well, I, for one, am happy they were able to set their differences aside to make The Kissing Booth 2.