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'Wonder Woman 2' Love Interest Will Be Cast To Replace Chris Pine, So Don't Worry


Warner Brothers is turning its attention back to its best DC Universe franchise: Wonder Woman, and her director, Patty Jenkins. Jenkins is all too happy to discuss what's next for Diana Prince, including new adventures, new characters and very importantly, a Wonder Woman 2 love interest.

For those who may have simply written him off as yet another male in a world full of them, one of the more remarkable aspects of Wonder Woman was Chris Pine's portrayal of Steve Trevor. Most of his character's schtick was the gender flip of the hero versus the love interest, a part that's classically underwritten. Trevor's role was certainly not underwritten, yet there was no way anyone would mistake the movie for being: Wonder Woman, Starring a Man Named Chris Pine.

Pine did a fantastic job threading this needle, making his character a fully believable, yet ultimately respecting love interest. One who knew that he was utterly out of his league, and yet determined to be worthy of Diana at the same time.

And then he died.

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It was quite good of him to do so, actually. As we know, Diana isn't going to age exactly, nor is she about to settle down and be anyone's wife. Sticking around and growing old while she stayed the same age would have been a far more prolonged and heartbreaking way to end it. Best to just go out in a blaze of glory, look back from the wreckage and smile at those auditioning for the sequel. "Gentlemen, top that."

The gentlemen will have to top that, and so will Jenkins. Speaking to Kristopher Tapley, host of Variety’s Playback podcast, she said she's looking forward to the challenge.

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When it comes to new characters, I'm hoping more of them will be along the lines of Etta Candy. I want an all female world for Wonder Woman, especially if the movie will be set in the 21st century. It made sense for a World War I story to find Diana surrounded by a bunch of male counterparts, as women simply weren't given the opportunity to go into war.

But for a more modern day setting, when equality has stepped up, Diana just doesn't seem like the type to surround herself with men if women are available. She grew up on an island surrounded by women, it would be more in her comfort zone to recreate a matriarchy around her, no?

As for a love interest, some are suggesting Jenkins might go for Trevor Barnes, a comics character who is a black United Nations employee. That would certainly be interesting. But does her love interest have to be a man? Not saying it shouldn't be, I'm just suggesting that after Justice League, cutting out all the men wouldn't be the worst choice they could make.

Wonder Woman 2 will arrive in theaters on Nov. 1, 2019.