Prince William, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and Kate Middleton attend a royal event.

Fans Think William & Kate's Birthday Post For Prince Harry Shaded Meghan

WPA Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Prince Harry celebrated his 36th birthday on Sept. 15 and was showered in love from friends and family. Despite his recent move to Los Angeles, Harry's loved ones across the pond didn't let the special day go by unacknowledged. A number of royals posted celebratory messages on social media. But of all the birthday tributes, William and Kate's Instagram for Prince Harry's 36th birthday is the one fans can't stop talking about.

William and Kate posted their message from the official Kensington Royal account, writing, "Wishing a very happy birthday to Prince Harry today!" However, it was the coinciding photo they posted that had fans up in arms. The snapshot was taken at London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in 2017 and showed Harry beating William in a race. But fans were quick to point out Meghan Markle was absent from the photo.

"How rude. Why not have a photo of him when he's happy with his lovely wife. Really selfish of will and kate," one fan tweeted.

"This picture was intentionally posted to exclude Meghan and to incite the comments that times were happier with no Meghan. Nothing shocks me from Kensington Palace anymore," another person wrote.

"Of course they chose a photo where Harry’s wife and son are not present in it," another tweet read.

Overall, fans were fuming. "Did they just wish Harry a happy birthday and put themselves in the photo but not HIS wife and child? Honey, no wonder Harry is running in this picture. He's trying to get up out of there to be with with his IMMEDIATE family! Y'all didn't exile him, he exiled y'all!"

Prince Charles received similar treatment from fans after he posted a throwback photo with Harry in honor of his birthday. The shot showed the father-son duo sharing a laugh together, yet, fans were still upset by the photo. "Where is meghan ?" another fan asked in a comment. "So rude even if they left." You can see the photo of Charles and Harry by swiping to the right.

To be fair, it's not uncommon to post photos with the person you're celebrating solo on their birthday. It's more than likely Meghan's absence in the photos was not an intentional omission and the royal family seemingly had good intentions when sending Harry happy birthday wishes.