Here's What To Know About Wonho's Future With Monsta X

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ever since Wonho departed Monsta X in October 2019, fans have campaigning for him to return to the group by trending numerous hashtags, creating fan projects, and even going to Starship Entertainment's HQ in order to get their message across. The star chose to leave the group after a series of rumors surrounded him and he was embroiled in a legal investigation involving alleged past marijuana use. But now, Starship has confirmed he is innocent of all the accusations made against him. This new development has fans hopeful that Wonho will join Monsta X again, but as to whether that will actually happen, however, is still a mystery.

On March 13, Starship Entertainment revealed that, after an investigation done by Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, all charges against Wonho have been dropped.

"In late October last year, allegations of marijuana smoking were raised against Wonho, which consequently led the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency's drug investigation team to investigate all drug charges on him," Starship said in a statement. "During the investigation, Wonho actively cooperated with the police and all investigation procedures, including scientific examinations by the investigative agencies."

Since the police did not find evidence of Wonho's drug use, they closed the case. The company "apologized" for causing concern to fans and also thanked them for their support while the investigation went on.

Starship ended their statement by wishing Wonho the best of luck in his future endeavors, teasing he's not leaving the music scene anytime soon. "We will continue to fully support Wonho for developing his own career in the future," their statement read.

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Since Starship did not mention whether Wonho's "career in the future" was with Monsta X or not, fans became curious as to what this update meant for the star's career.

Of course, fans hope Wonho will go back to the group, and they tweeted their excitement over the possibility using hashtags like #WonhoHomecoming, #WonhoIsAlmostHome, and #WonhoIsFree.

While some fans strongly believe Wonho isn't done with Monsta X just yet, other fans are more skeptical, thinking he will debut as a solo artist instead. Whatever he decides, Monbebe will be there for him every step of the way, as seen by their tweets below.

After news came out about Wonho's innocence, the star spoke to the Korean news agency Dispatch, explaining his reason for leaving the group. "I hated thinking that Monsta X would fall because of me. I thought the only way for the team to survive is if I left as soon as possible. I wanted to minimize the damage as much as I could," Wonho said, according to a translation by Soompi.

Wonho apologized for worrying fans, and thanked them for everything they've done for him these past few years. "I can say this with confidence, after meeting Monbebe, I completely changed. I finally learned what it feels like to be loved. I wanted to be better every day," he said.

If Wonho comes back to Monsta X, Monbebe will be right there waiting for him.