Will Joe Goldberg be in a Season 3 of 'You'?

Fans Are All *Dying* To Know This 1 Thing After Watching 'You' Season 2


Is Joe's stalking coming to an end, or just beginning again? That's what everyone who blazed through You Season 2 is wondering, especially since the finale introduced a major plot twist that totally set up the series for more episodes. Luckily, while there's no official word on whether there will be a You Season 3 just yet, there are definitely reasons to believe Joe's story is not over.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for You Season 2. Season 2 followed Joe Goldberg as he moved to Los Angeles under the new alias "Will." With his new identity came a new job (at another bookstore) in the holistic grocery store Anavrin, aka "Nirvana" spelled backward. (For those not from LA, that name pokes fun at the popular grocery store Erehwon, which is "Nowhere" spelled backwards.)

At the start of Season 2, Joe found his new target, Love Quinn, working at Anavrin. Their meeting initially seemed organic, and gave audiences the slight hope Joe changed, but viewers were let down when it was clear stalker-vibes Joe was there to stay. Audiences soon learned he had actually spotted Love the week before they first met, finessed his way into a job at her store, and rented an apartment with a view of her home, all to get close to her. But none of this is exactly new for Joe, so fans really shouldn't have been all that shocked.

Joe's ex, Candace, eventually exposed Joe's fake identity to Love, which caused them to break up. However, when Joe's building manager Delilah caught onto Joe's dark ways, viewers came to realize Love is more like Joe than they would have ever thought (or wanted, TBH). In a shocking twist of events, Love saved Joe from jail by killing Delilah herself, all so the pair could run away and start their family together.

The season ends in a flash-forward to a few months later, and it appeared Joe had finally met his perfect match, someone who was willing to do anything for love. But just as it seemed he was finally settling in the suburbs, Joe spotted his mysterious neighbor, and fans immediately had the stomach-dropping realization that he found his next target. With this cliffhanger, a Season 3 seems almost necessary.


Luckily, the series' executive producer Sera Gamble told Cosmopolitan a Season 3 is possible. "Absolutely it could come back for Season 3," Gamble said. The team has even started brainstorming. "I will say that we have an idea for season three that is SO exciting that people talk about it in the [writer's] room every day."

Caroline Kepnes, the author of the books the series is based on, is also reportedly writing the third novel in the You series, which provides further evidence another season could happen. Although the show doesn't exactly stick to the books, Season 1 was loosely based on the first novel in the series, You, and Season 2 took inspiration from the second one, Hidden Bodies.

Season 1 of You premiered on Dec. 26, 2018, and Season 2 dropped exactly one year after that. So, if a Season 3 does happen, there's reason to believe Dec. 26, 2020, could be its release date. However, until Netflix confirms the show is picked up for another season, fans will just have to keep a close eye — but not, like, Joe-level close — out for news about the show.