Warrior Nun

Here's What We Know About A 'Warrior Nun' Season 2 After That WILD Cliffhanger

by Ani Bundel

Warrior Nun is Netflix's latest superhero series, inspired and adapted from the manga-style comic series created by Ben Dunn. But this TV series does not follow the comic so much as it simply takes a page from it and runs off in its own direction. The title character is Ava, who accidentally becomes the latest in a line of religious warriors keeping the earth safe from demons. By series' end, she determines she will end the sect being used by the Church and the sisters abused by powerful men. So, will there be a Warrior Nun Season 2?

Warning: Spoilers for Warrior Nun Season 1 follow. Ava's decision isn't an easy one, coming after she had a vision of her predecessor, Sister Shannon. Shannon was murdered by evil forces, attempting to control the Order of the Cruciform Sword, which the Warrior Nun is "First Among Equals." In Ava's vision, Shannon grieved for all those Warrior Nuns who came before them, their lives cut short, dying in defense of the church. It convinced Ava that evil must be eradicated from the world once and for all, making the OCS unnecessary for the church, even if the lack of corruption in the world renders faith in God and angels obsolete.

According to Sister Shannon's writings, evil is bound to this world via the angel Adriel's bones. It is Adriel who was the patron saint of the OSC, and it is said to be his halo, which gives the lead Warrior Nun her powers. Adriel is entombed deep in the Vatican. There, the Pope quietly keeps the knowledge the Church is the root of all evil, as well as all good.


But when Ava broke into the Vatican with the help of OCS Sisters Mary, Beatrice, Lilith, and Camila, she discovered Adriel was not dead after all. He was waiting entombed for centuries, and insisted he was tricked by the OCS and the Pope, locked away for men's nefarious purposes. But when Ava reached out and touched Adriel, she realized the truth: He is no angel. The men who wrote the histories were duped by what they wanted to see. The first leader of the OCS knew the truth but kept her mouth shut for power. Adriel is in fact a powerful demon, locked away from the world to keep it safe from his rule.

After this realization, Adriel attacked Ava, causing her sisters to break into the tomb and rescue her. But in doing so, they released Adriel. To their horror, they realized it was Adriel who ordered the death of Sister Shannon. Worse, the Padre of the OCS, Vincent, had been working as Adriel's servant, using the Warrior Nun to free his demon master. With no one but themselves to rely on, the sisters banded together, ready to take Adriel down.

And then, just as things were getting really wild, Sister Mary charged forward with the attack. And that's when the show cut to black.

Such a cliffhanger suggests the production is planning on a second season, especially because Adriel's fight isn't the only loose end left dangling. There's also a new Pope who, by the end of Season 1, had only just learned about Adriel's escape, and in the secular world, Adriel's release powered up a device created by Arq-Tech that may or may not open a gateway to Heaven.

With so many questions, fans are hoping Netflix will renew Warrior Nun for a second season. Otherwise, viewers may never know the fate of Ava, Mary, and their friends.