The Letter for the King

If You Finished 'The Letter For The King,' Here's What You Should Know About Season 2


The fantasy era was ushered in by shows like Game of Thrones - adult-fare filled with gory murder and sexposition. But in the wake of such popularity, there is a need for more family-friendly stories too. The Witcher is one of Netflix's biggest hits of the past year, but Geralt in a bathtub maybe isn't something you want to watch with your whole family. That's where Netflix's latest, The Letter For The King, comes in, arriving just in time for the family to enjoy. But will there be a The Letter For The King Season 2? There could be.

Once, not so long ago, Netflix shows were guaranteed second seasons. It was part of the streamer's premise, shows you can commit to watching because they won't be canceled. But reality ended that practice, as the streaming wars have made everyone more cutthroat.

Some shows still get early renewals. (The Witcher, for instance, had Season 2 in hand a month before it premiered.) But even some of Netflix's most popular shows, like Stranger Things, wait months before they are renewed.

As of right now, The Letter For The King does not have a promised second season. But if Netflix wanted to make one, they easily could, since the novel has a sequel.

The Letter For The King is based on the Dutch novel De Brief Voor de Koning, written by Tonke Dragt. The plot of the story was relatively simple: On the night before he is supposed to complete his knighthood training, 16-year-old squire Tiuri (Amir Wilson) is interrupted by a dying man who begs him to deliver an urgent letter to the king. Tiuri's adventures, and the friends who help him, discover as they travel that this letter is the key to saving the entire realm.

The novel, published in 1962, was an immediate smash hit, winning awards right out of the gate. It is still considered one of the most celebrated Dutch children's books of the latter half of the 20th century.

Dragt continued the story of Tiuri in her sequel novel Geheimen van het Wilde Woud, which translates to Secrets of the Wild Woods. In it, Tiuri, who is now a knight, travels into a secret forest realm with his best friend and squire, Piak, only to discover terrible secrets within. It's a bit more adult, meant for a reader who is aging up with the books.

Fans can only hope The Letter For The King does well enough for Netflix to greenlight a second season and bring back Tiuri for another adventure.