Kaya Scodelario and Evan Roderick in 'Spinning Out'

Here's What Fans Want To Know After Finishing 'Spinning Out' Season 1


One of the hottest new shows of 2020 is one that takes things down to freezing temps. Spinning Out, Netflix's latest drama, is set in the world of competitive ice skating, and it's more intense than the finals at the Olympics. After finishing the first season, the natural question is if and when fans can expect Spinning Out Season 2. Hopefully it'll happen, and soon, because there are a lot of questions that need answering.

Warning: Spoilers for Spinning Out Season 1 follow. A Spinning Out Season 2 hasn't been announced yet, but Season 1 was only just released on Jan. 1, so there's still a good chance a series renewal is in the future. A lot of plot threads were left open-ended in the Season 1 finale, so there's definitely a lot of plot material for more episodes. In the first season, audiences were introduced to Kat Baker (Kaya Scodelario), a competitive skater who is also living with a mental illness and a bunch of complicated family dynamics. Following a whole lot of ups and downs, the season ended just as Kat and her skating partner-turned-boyfriend Justin (Evan Roderick) were just about to begin their long routine in the their sectional competition at the very end of the Season 1 finale. So, a Season 2 would hopefully start off by letting audiences know if all their hard work paid off, or if Kat ended up taking another nasty fall. But even though that's enough to keep fans wanting more, there are even more cliffhangers that take place off the ice that need addressing.

Spinning Out includes a large ensemble of characters who all have big stories left to tell in a potential Season 2. First, there's Marcus (Mitchell Edwards), whose dreams of going to the Olympics as a skier were dashed when he was cut from his team. Then, there's Kat and Justin's coach Dasha, who seems to have reunited with her first love after decades apart. On a darker note, Kat's suspicions that her younger sister Serena (Willow Shields) was being pursued by an adult man were correct; the finale revealed sports doctor Dr. Parker (Charlie Hewson) had taken advantage of the teen. After learning the truth, Kat called Parker out, which caused a rift between her and her best friend Jenn (Amanda Zhou), who had just begun dating the doctor. Later, Kat and Serena's mom Carol (January Jones) took a more aggressive approach to dealing with the matter by attacking him with a baseball bat. In addition to potentially killing a man, Carol also ended the season with her relationship with good-guy Mitch (Will Kemp) in jeopardy.

With all of that's left up in the air at the end of Season 1, a Season 2 is simply begging to be made. But fans might have to wait a bit to find out if it'll actually happen. Netflix usually holds off on announcing a series' renewal until execs see how well the show does, and it'll probably take a while to crunch the numbers. If another season is in the cards, fans could probably expect it to come out around New Years Day 2021 — a year after the series premiere.

Season 1 of Spinning Out is available on Netflix now.