'Project Power'

Fans Have 1 Major Question After Watching 'Project Power' On Netflix


Project Power is a new Netflix thriller about a dangerous drug that gives users super powers, but only for five minutes at a time. The film is a thrilling hit with fans, and snagged the streamer's "No. 1 in the U.S. Today" title only three days after it debuted. With all of the buzz surrounding the film, you might be wondering whether there will be a Project Power 2. As of Aug. 17, there's no official word on a sequel, but the directors just might have enough ideas to make it happen.

The film is all about a loner named Art (Jamie Foxx) on the search for the supplier of the super-power giving substance "Biggie," which brings him together with dealer Robin (Dominique Fishback), and they become allies to stop the spread of the drug at its source.

If you've seen the the new movie, you know there's a lot of action going on, and each superhero sequence is unique because the drug gives everyone different powers. Despite the long list of super-capabilities displayed in the film, the directors think there could have been many more... perhaps even enough to make another film. “There’s a version of this movie that has, like, twice as many powers,” co-director Ariel Schulman told Yahoo Movies UK. The other director, Henry Joost, confirmed they have a "massive list" of extra super powers that didn't make it into the first film.


“We pared it back because, every time you pull a power out or shorten an action scene, it allows more room for the dramatic scenes. And that’s the heart of the movie for us — the relationship between Robin and Art," Schulman added.

Despite a plethora powers that could be put into a sequel, the directors aren't counting on making a Part 2 just yet. That's where fans come in.

“If you start a Reddit chat thread, maybe you can get the demand going,” Schulman said, adding: "I don’t think we would ever presume that something should have a sequel until the fans ask for it.”

With Project Power holding down the top spot on Netflix, it's pretty clear the fans are asking for it. We'll see if Netflix delivers.