This 'GOT' Theory About The Iron Throne Would Honestly Make The Most Satisfying Ending

by Ani Bundel

The opening episode of Game of Thrones Season 8 finally gave fans the moment they've been waiting for when Jon Snow is told he's Aegon VI Targaryen, heir to the Seven Kingdoms. But here's the rub. Jon doesn't want the throne. He's never wanted to be a leader, people just keep handing him leadership positions and he's too polite to decline. The question for many is how does Jon get out of sitting on the Iron Throne if he doesn't want it? One idea: Get rid of it. Will the Iron Throne be melted down on Game Of Thrones? It's not as far fetched an idea as it sounds.

When someone suggests melting down the Iron Throne, most assume the theory is talking about it as a symbolic act. Daenerys has talked about "breaking the wheel," and ending the "Great Game" once and for all. Between her desire to bring change to Westeros, and Jon not wanting to be king, there's a chance to move towards democracy, or at least constitutional monarchy, under a new regime.

But the newest theory isn't talking about melting down the Iron Throne because henceforth no one shall sit upon it. It's talking about melting it down out of necessity.

In short, Daenerys and Jon might melt down the Iron Throne for parts.

Consider what the Iron Throne is. Aegon The Conqueror created it from the swords of his enemies, using Dragonfire to melt the swords down. The novels say the sword edges are still sharp, the idea being a king should never sit comfortably. Martin himself said to think of the sort of chair created by blacksmiths, not craftsmen. It is not comfortable, it is not really functional, it is a symbol.

It's also made from thousands of swords, the metal of which was fired by dragons.

Let's say the following scenario occurs: The Night King and his army come to Winterfell in Episode 3. The show still has three more feature-length episodes to go after that. Therefore, chances are, Winterfell will fall. The survivors, including Jon and Daenerys, make for King's Landing. There's a whole new army of people down there, who need to be outfitted with weaponry that can take out the Night King and his wights. Where do they get the steel on such short notice?

The Iron Throne.

Now, the books never explain quite how to make Valyrian steel, but Dragonfire is definitely involved. As fans saw in the opening episode, Gendry is already adept as taking dragon glass and forging it into some gorgeous weaponry. (Did you see that ax he made for The Hound?) Why not just take the Iron Throne, have Drogon and Rhaegal melt it down, and have Gendry forge it into dozens and dozens of dragon flame tinged weaponry?

Desperate times call for drastic measures. It doesn't matter who sits on the damn thing if everyone is dead. Making the choice to melt down the old symbol of power to use it to save humanity would be a brilliant final season twist, and solve the problem of who sits on the damn thing once and for all.