Danielle Brooks Has A Message To Fans About Taystee's Ending On 'OITNB' Season 6


There are a lot of Orange Is the New Black questions swirling in the brains of fans right now. Some of them could see uplifting answers (maybe Piper will write her memoir after all) and some of them make way for potentially bleak realities. Warning: Spoilers ahead if you have not seen all of Orange Is the New Black Season 6. OITNB's latest installment — which was unveiled it its 13-episode entirety on Netflix July 27 — ended on a distressing note for some beloved inmates. Will Taystee be in OITNB Season 7? The verdict surrounding her murder case might have viewers worried.

In one of Season 6's most compelling storylines, Tasha Jefferson (Danielle Brooks), aka Taystee, went on trial after being wrongfully charged with the death of CO Piscatella. Even with convincing tesimony and support from Black Lives Matter, the ACLU, and Caputo, Taystee was denied justice and was ultimately found guilty for second-degree murder in a heart-wrenching finale moment. Her prison fate isn't completely sealed right now, although it looks as though she's facing a long sentence based on the conviction. Even Danielle Brooks isn't sure about her character's future following that devestating turn.

"You'll just have to go for the ride like I am, because I don't know," she told Digital Spy.

But Brooks did offer up some insight on what Taystee might be dealing with in the aftermath of the trial. Frieda, Sophia, and even Cindy had a hand in the upsetting outcome.

"These relationships and the behaviors that people have taken have put a bigger dent in Taystee's trusting of people from hereon out. It's going to be interesting later on down the road how she deals with coming face-to-face with people that turned their back on her for their own personal gain," the actress added.

Orange Is the New Black has thankfully already been renewed for a seventh season, so fans don't have to worry about cliffhangers not being resolved. Brooks may not have a clear idea about what to expect for Taystee, but the producers are aware that viewers love watching her silly side. The fact that she gave that robber "Gordons" instead of Jordans in her flashback was a bright moment amidst her dark season. When will more moments like that get their due?

"We’re craving old Taystee but the reality is that this is what happens. It’s out of their control; it’s out of her control. She’s such a light — the character and the actress — so we always hope to show light and darkness. I’m confident that we’ll get to that place again, but for now, this is the reality that she’s living in," executive producer Tara Herrmann told The Hollywood Reporter.

There's always hope that Taystee will appeal her verdict or new evidence will be uncovered that will change everything. Unfortunately, Brooks isn't so optimistic. She explained to Variety:

You never know how it can pan out. This show has taken so many turns ... I really don’t know which direction it was going with them, but I feel like Black Cindy’s definitely stuck a huge needle in Taystee’s heart or stabbed her in the back. I feel the same way about Taystee going into maximum security, being in prison for life. She’s there for life. I don’t see that turning around. Unless somebody recants their testimony, there’s no coming out for her. So I have no idea where this is going and that is kind of exciting to not know exactly where it’s going to go.