Taylor May Have An Epic Girl-Power Collab With These 2 Stars On 'Lover'

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Try to keep calm, Swifties. A Taylor, Selena, and Katy (Taylenaty?) collab might be coming. Swift has a new album coming out on August 23 called Lover. She started this new thing with her army of fans during the Reputation era where she would hold album listening parties called the Reputation Secret Sessions. Lover Secret Sessions have apparently now happened, and fans who didn't get to go are wondering: Will Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and Katy Perry collab on Lover? There are rumors hinting that could be a thing. Elite Daily reached out to Swift's team for comment on the rumors but did not hear back.

The Swift fandom is wicked talented at cracking the little codes Swift leaves in her music videos (and sometimes social media). They tweet and post about their fan theories, and Swift has looked through all of their theories over the years and clocked people who have been longtime diehard Swifties. Those are the fans who had the opportunity to attend one of the several Secret Sessions, and, apparently, some of those same fans were invited again to the Lover listening party, which reportedly happened on Friday, Aug. 2, according to accounts on Twitter who say they were there.

Now, these are called Secret Sessions for a reason, but some of the attendees (both for the Reputation and Lover eras) have spilled some tea about what fans can expect on the album.

One Secret Session attendee said there is reportedly a collab on Lover that features Swift, Gomez, and Perry — a pop trio prepped to make lots of money if I ever did see one.

The song, if it exists, is apparently going to be about female empowerment.

Swifties are taking this report with a grain of salt, however, because they don't want to get their hopes too high for a collab that feels too good to be true.

Some think it could happen and are eager to hear it.

I mean, Perry and Swift squashed their feud in the "You Need To Calm Down" music video, why not collab on a song about women uplifting each other now? And Swift and Gomez are best friends who collaborated in the past on the "Bad Blood" music video (which was largely believed to be about Swift's feud with Perry). If that's all water under the bridge, that must mean Gomez and Perry are on good enough terms to work together as well. Look, y'all. Donald Trump is President. Anything is possible in the year 2019.

The rumors of the Swift, Gomez, and Perry collab are all unconfirmed, but the reported Secret Session attendees apparently also revealed that there will be more than just that collab on the album. Swift already teamed up with Panic! At The Disco's Brendon Urie for "ME!" and (now, this is me coming up with a Swift music theory) Swift had a photo of The Dixie Chicks hanging in one of the scenes in the "ME!" music video, so I have a feeling there will be a Swift and Dixie Chicks collab on Lover. Fans will have to wait until Aug. 23 to see if these collab rumors hold true.