Fans Have One Major Question About Sister Maggie After The 'Daredevil' Season 3 Ending

by Ani Bundel

Daredevil Season 3 was the first season not to be aiming for a The Defenders crossover show with the rest of the Netflix Marvelverse. Freed from having to worry about The Hand or Madame Gao or his fellow compatriots at Midland Circle, Matt Murdock's series could finally deep-dive into the standalone myths of his comic. To that end, the show introduced two characters to the series: Bullseye, his foe from the 2003 movie, and Sister Maggie, a comic book favorite. Will Sister Maggie be in Daredevil Season 4? Warning: Spoilers for Daredevil Season 3 follow.

Sister Maggie has been hinted at in earlier Daredevil seasons. Viewers saw Jack leave a message for her in a flashback in Season 1 just before he was killed. Then, at the end of The Defenders, Matt turns up in a Catholic sanctuary, being tended to by nuns. Fans wanted to know: Would the story of Matt's mother make it on screen?

For those who have made it through the full season, the answer turns out to be yes. Moreover, the show changes the details. Matt actually has it confirmed Maggie is his mother, and she is told he knows. (In the comics, it is never explicitly said to him, and they part with everything still unresolved between them.)


With the show making Maggie and Matt's relationship far more explicit on screen, fans are hopeful Joanne Whalley, who plays Sister Maggie, will return once more to the screen for Season 4.

In the comics, Matt's time with Maggie convalescing in a church sanctuary is a one and done moment. It's the first time Matt meets her, and he knows, via his extra senses, there some sort of connection between them. He hopes she is his mother, but when he asks, she denies it. This makes it hard for him to come back to her later, effectively driving him away again.

The show makes drastic changes to this tale. Now, Maggie was the head nun at the orphanage the whole time Matt was there. Matt finds out she's his mother, and though the two of them never discuss it directly, both know the other one knows, and Matt is able to forgive Maggie in a way never available to him on the page.


By the end of Season 3, Matt and Maggie have parted, as in the comics. But they're both in a better, more emotionally stable place with each other. One can see Matt's ability to reconnect with his friends and go back to his life as a lawyer is partly due to making peace with his past, and with her.

Though he may not live at the church anymore, it's not like Maggie is going anywhere. Now that Matt knows she's there, he can visit any time he wants. Father Lantom may no longer be there for confession, but Maggie is. Perhaps if Daredevil does get a Season 4 next year, he will return to the church, and to Maggie, the next time he is in need of advice.