Niall Horan's Response To Fans Asking For A Selena Gomez Collab Will Get You Excited

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People love Twitter for a lot of reasons, like the slim chance of communicating firsthand with a celebrity. Niall Horan fans were in luck on Tuesday, June 16, because the former One Direction star was all about answering burning questions and providing thoughtful answers. One major things fans want to know is will Selena Gomez and Niall Horan collaborate on a song? Horan got real about what it would take to make a collab happen.

Horan spent some time on Twitter on Tuesday promoting his collaboration with Ashe on "Moral of the Story."

"Thank you @ashemusic for allowing me to sing your beautiful song Moral of the Story with you," he wrote. "It's out this Wednesday and I hope you all enjoy it x."

The collab had fans asking a lot of questions about Horan's creative process as well as other artists he's interested in working with. Horan went into detail explaining how he chooses which artists he works with.

"I only want to collab with someone if it makes sense for both parties, if the song is great, if that person is a genuine music person ( there’s a lot of people who aren’t )," he wrote.

Of course, one fan asked what *everyone* is wondering: "Niall, what do you think about with a collab with selena gomez? you both will smash it."

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It didn't take Horan long to reply, writing: "Ready when Sel is."

While Horan's response was pretty vague, it definitely gave fans hope that he and Gomez will get into the studio together at some point in the future.

"It would be so good! please text her first, because we know she will never see this tweet we beg you!!! @selenagomez," one Twitter user wrote.

Another fan tweeted: "OMG that would be incredible Niall."

Gomez hasn't yet responded to Horan's tweet, but now that he's expressed the possibility of collabing with her, it gives fans something to look forward to.