This New 'GOT' Theory Says This Unlikely Couple Will Be The Last Ones Standing

by Ani Bundel

With only a few months to go before Game of Thrones Season 8 arrives on HBO, fans have gone into overdrive on riddling out what will happen in the final season. All anyone has to go on is the promise of a "bittersweet" ending, and a title for the final book of "A Dream Of Spring." So whatever happens at the end, there will be characters left alive, and a hint of renewal to come, either by marriage or a new generation. But who? Sometimes the most random pairing makes the most sense. Like: Will Sansa marry Gendry?

On the outside, this seems like a ludicrous question. But consider the facts on the ground.

For a new generation to be born, a character has to be pregnant and carry their child to term. This is the drive behind all the "Dany is carrying Jon's child" theories. This is also the drive behind the hope Cersei is not really pregnant. No one wants the Lannisters to be the ones to carry mankind forward.

The third, and perhaps most practical character to be pregnant and married when the show ends though, is Sansa. She is a Stark, the Starks were the hero of the story from the outset. The question is, who does she partner with?


Now, technically, Sansa and Tyrion never divorced. But Tyrion is in love with Dany, as the script asides have proven. He's also said the marriage was never legal, never consummated, etc.

So who is there for Sansa to marry? The most likely candidate: Gendry Baratheon.

Before anyone can protest Gendry and Arya should be together, consider what Arya's become. Is Arya getting married, settling down, having children? No. Maybe if Gendry was down with an unconventional lifestyle, it could have been a thing. But all the signs point to him needed a more traditional wife.

Nearly everyone is sure Gendry's status as "last living Baratheon" means somewhere in the final episodes his bastard status is going to be erased, and Storm's End will be his to run. And if this is the case, he needs a wife, one who actually knows how to run a castle, play politics, teach him how to be a lord, etc. Sansa is perfect.


Remember, Sansa was initially betrothed to marry Robert Baratheon's oldest son. Everyone assumed this was Joffrey, but he was no son of Robert's. Technically, with that wording, the man Ned Stark should have engaged Sansa to back in Season 1 was Gendry.

Also, consider Gendry is currently theorized to be the one to kill the Ice Dragon in the end game battles to come. If he does, he'd be more than qualified as a "strong, brave hero" than young Sansa could ever dream of having.

Moreover, it's a good political match for both once the Night King is defeated. It shores up political power for both families, which is what Robert and Ned were hoping to accomplish all those years ago. Sansa and Gendry marrying would achieve what their fathers wanted back when the story started. Such irony would be a bittersweet ending indeed.

Game of Thrones Season 8 premieres on HBO in April of 2019.