The Ending Of 'Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina' Teases A Hellish Future For Sabrina


The debut season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina more than delivered on the horror that it promised fans, and the final moments of the season amped up that darkness to a whole new level. Throughout the season, Sabrina struggles with a choice pushed on her thanks to her status as half-witch and half-mortal: gain all the powers of a witch by signing the Book of the Beast, or retain her freedom and friends in the mortal world. In the end, we find out her decision may have even more serious implications than anyone knew, and fans are wondering will Sabrina become the Queen of Hell? Let's talk about that shocking ending.

Spoiler alert: This post discusses plot details from the Season 1 finale of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. One of the most sinister and mysterious main characters introduced in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is Ms. Wardwell. At the very beginning of the series, Ms. Wardwell is shown to be a soft-spoken and shy teacher at Baxter High — Sabrina's favorite teacher, in fact. But after she happens upon a creepy, mysterious woman in the woods, Ms. Wardwell becomes possessed by... something. We don't find out who this demonic entity is inside Ms. Wardwell until the final moments of Season 1, but we do see that it drastically changes how Ms. Wardwell dresses and acts, and her sole mission appears to be manipulating Sabrina into signing her name in the Book of the Beast.

Shown to be a master manipulator, Ms. Wardwell is able to effectively gain Sabrina's trust and insert herself into her inner circle, even explaining things away when Sabrina found out that Ms. Wardwell had supernatural powers. In Sabrina's eyes, Ms. Wardwell was actually an old student and friend of her father, Edward, whom he tasked with watching over Sabrina apart from her aunts, but in reality, Ms. Wardwell was always working for the Dark Lord to convince Sabrina to sever her ties with the mortal realm and sign her freedom over to the Dark Lord.

In the end, Ms. Wardwell succeeds in her mission, coercing Sabrina into signing the Book of the Beast by telling her it is the only way to save her friends from an attack by the Greendale Thirteen. But one question remains: Why was the Dark Lord so intent on getting Sabrina? Thankfully, we actually get some insight into that when Ms. Wardwell reveals her true identity.

At the very end of the season, the demon possessing Ms. Wardwell reveals herself to be Lilith, a biblical and mythological figure who was created at the same time as Adam and went on to be closely connected to demonology. In Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Lilith says that she is Madame Satan, one of Satan's most loyal and highest ranking servants, and that she was encouraged to get Sabrina to sign herself over to the Dark Lord so that she may take her place and Lilith might rise to become the Queen of Hell. However, Lilith's familiar Stolas notes that it seems more likely that Satan is courting Sabrina to be Hell's queen rather than one of his servants. After all, why was the Dark Lord trying so hard to get Sabrina to join him, anyway?

It is clear that Sabrina is very important to the Dark Lord for some reason — could he actually be grooming her to become the Queen of Hell instead of Lilith? That one of the most pressing questions fans have at the end of Season 1, so hopefully Season 2 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will delve deeper into that.