This 'The Handmaid's Tale' Theory About Nick Will Make Fans Seriously Worried

by Ani Bundel

The Handmaid's Tale Season 2 has been going easy on fans this season so far. Offred is pregnant, so the "Ceremonies" are on hold. Three episodes were spent in relative freedom away from the Waterfords, and then, once Offred returned, another three were spent in relative freedom from Commander Waterford. This can only mean something genuinely terrible is on the horizon, as Offred relative stability is on the verge of disappearing once she gives birth. But is that all the show will take from her? How about the man who loves her? Will Nick die on The Handmaid's Tale? Warning: Spoilers for The Handmaid's Tale Season 2 follow.

So much for taking it easy on the viewers.

This week started rough, got worse, and then managed somehow to go a whole new level. The rape was literally the most horrific moment of the series in two years and that's saying a lot. But then Nick took June out to a house in the middle of nowhere, where it had been arranged for her to see her daughter, Hannah, even though it was completely against the law. Hannah's rage at her mother is heartbreaking in a whole new way.

But then there's the failure of escape. Two Guardians come around unexpectedly after Hannah leaves, catching Nick unawares, and forcing him to drive away while Offred looks to be finally going into labor.

There is no good way out of this.


Offred is alone, in an abandoned house, in sudden dire need of medical attention. There is no way for her to call for help, at least not without revealing what Commander Waterford arranged to Serena Joy, or what Nick did in assisting. The fastest way for Waterford to get out of this is to pin it all on Nick.

Then there's the problem of Eden. She's figured out Nick likes Offred, even though he denies it. But Nick was stupid enough not to play the game and pretend to at least like her a little bit. Instead, he was a fool and told her the truth, he's not in love with her, smashing her childish heart with a hammer.

Also, consider Eden saw the letters. She didn't read them, she didn't know what was in them. But she saw the pack of letters in the house. One word to Isaac, and suddenly Commander Waterford is going to have a direct connection to who sabotaged the Canada trip, and who in the household would have been the one to perhaps try to help Offred escape back at the beginning of the season.


The actress who plays Eden, Sydney Sweeney, agrees she's likely to tattle the moment she sees an opportunity. For her, her dream is to have a baby and be a Commander's wife. If it's not going to be Nick, she needs to be divested of him and quickly. She'll tattle on both of them in a heartbeat if she needs to.

Speaking to Vanity Fair, Sweeney said:

That is my dream. My aspiration, my goal, everything.

And now she has a motive too, as Nick has broken her heart. The moment Offred turns up missing, she'll be the first one to suggest Nick is to blame.

In a show determined to take everything away from June, Nick would make the most logical sense. (It also solves in the longer term the "Luke or Nick" problem she'd eventually face if she ever gets to Canada.) All signs point to him going down as a traitor to Gilead, the only question is if he gets hung from the walls or if he gets shot trying to run.