'The Hills' Is Coming Back To TV, But Fans Have One Major Question

Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

MTV briefly rewound itself back to 2008 when it announced during the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards that The Hills would be making its way back into our lives. Before the announcement, rumors swirled that the cast was preparing for a Hills reboot, but its former leading lady definitely made it clear that she wasn't tied to any surprise bombshells involving the show. The blonde fashionista at the helm of The Hills wasn't at the VMAs, so will Lauren Conrad be in The Hills: New Beginnings?

Elite Daily reached out to MTV to confirm which returning cast members will join the revival and what the exact air date is, but has not heard back by the time of publication.

As first reported by People, the main cast of the hit MTV reality series was set to reunite on the VMAs red carpet after several years of discussing the possibility of reviving the show. Although Conrad starred in a 2016 anniversary special commemorating the start of The Hills, E! News reported her absence from the VMAs plan. A source told the outlet, "Lauren is concentrating right now on her Kohl's line and her charity work, which she is very passionate about."

Although she returned to MTV for that special anniversary program, Conrad has definitely distanced herself from her Hills origins over the years. After starring in MTV's Laguna Beach from 2004 to 2006, she pursued a fashion career in Los Angeles throughout The Hills, which ran from 2006 to 2010. Longtime fans are probably dying for their fave Hills narrator to reconcile with one-time BFF Heidi Pratt or return to Kelly Cutrone's PR agency for a chat, but Conrad's done exactly what she set out to do all those years ago. She built her own fashion empire, and those responsibilities plus having a family have understandably put The Hills on the bottom of her list of priorities.


She isn't the only Hills lady who avoided the VMAs reunion and has steered away from any revival news in the past. Lauren "Lo" Bosworth, who essentially took on Conrad's "best friend" role after she feuded with Pratt, revealed earlier this year that she immediately turned down an executive producer's question about getting the cast back together. On her Lady Lovin' podcast, Bosworth said:

I don’t want any association with those people. I’m in a different place with my life. I think that there were some people on the show that have gone on to great success and we’re friends and I’m happy for them. There are others that I probably never would have in my life unless we worked together at one point.

Any hopes of Conrad joining a reboot series at the last minute are probably fruitless, too. Since The Hills wrapped, she's gotten married and had a son, Liam, and her new role as a mommy seems to have changed her outlook on starring in more reality TV. In 2017, she told People, "I don’t think I’m doing any more reality television that includes my personal life."

Well, seeing as The Hills was often a deep dive into Conrad's relationships and friendship troubles, it looks like we won't be seeing her on TV any time soon. Sorry, folks, but LC has officially grown up.