Justin Hartley as Kevin in This Is Us

We Need To Talk About The Latest 'This Is Us' Cliffhanger With Kevin

by Ani Bundel

Heading into the Feb. 9 episode of This Is Us, fans knew it would be all about Kevin's desperate rush to get back to Los Angeles for the birth of his twins. Per the epsiode's promo, everyone also knew a car crash would throw a wrench into his plans. But what fans didn't realize is that even after the episode was over, they'd all still be wondering whether Kevin will make it to the twins' birth. The good news is, he very well might.

Warning: Spoilers for This Is Us Season 5, Episode 7, titled "There," follow. The Feb. 9 episode was filled with characters making surprisingly good life choices. Madison decided to go to the hospital like a sensible person when her contractions started. Upon hearing the twins were on their way, Kevin told his emotionally abusive jerk of a director where to stick himself and his movie. Miguel and Rebecca sprung into action and got Kevin a flight to Los Angeles (out of Seattle, not Vancouver, but still). Randall and Beth stepped up, symbolically adopted Madison into the family, and stayed on the phone with her so she didn't feel alone at the hospital.

And best of all, Kevin didn't crash his car.


For all the promos hyped up the crash, it turned out to be an utterly incidental event. Kevin just happened to drive by its aftermath on a stretch of road where there was no cell signal or help to be had. Naturally, he stopped and saved the life of the man who crashed his car, dropping the guy off at the hospital with enough time to still get to the airport and make his flight.

Except... during his heroic rescue, his wallet fell out of his pocket. His driver's license is now sitting on the side of the road, lost in the dark. Without an ID, he wasn't able to get through airport security. The lady at TSA PreCheck was intensely sympathetic; she even knew who Kevin was and believed his story about losing his wallet. But to let him through the checkpoint and onto the plane would be massively above her paygrade.

Unfortunately, that's where the episode ends: Kevin, stuck in an airport, having almost pulled off the hero act and made it home to see his twins being born. That leaves fans with a boatload of questions about what comes next: Will the TSA lady take pity? Will someone decide celebrities without wallets get a pass? Will Robert DeNiro, having heard about Kevin's plight, send a private jet to get him home, all while preventing his co-star's outburst from derailing his career?

Chances of DeNiro pulling a deus ex machina are slim. But with one more episode to go before the end of Season 5's first half, it seems likely Kevin might just manage to fulfill his dream of being there.

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