3 Signs Your Significant Other Is Considering Breaking Up Around Thanksgiving

When people think of holidays and relationships, they usually think of cuffing season, when people often settle into relationships during the fall and winter months. However, that doesn't mean that there aren't relationships that end during this time, too. Actually, there is a noted phenomenon called the "turkey dump" which lays out that situation exactly: people who dump their partners right around Thanksgiving. If you're freaking out and scared, wondering if you will get dumped over Thanksgiving, you may want to first take a step back and examine your relationship. Have you two been fine? Are you communicating and actively supporting and respecting one another? Has nothing seemed out of the blue? If so, then you likely don't have anything to worry about.

But if things have been a little strange in your relationship leading up to Thanksgiving holiday, especially if you're a new couple, you may want to evaluate some signs that your relationship may soon be over. Especially for couples in college, that freshman year Thanksgiving break can often be a time where people reconsider where things are going. Since your significant other is heading home to family, they may be prioritizing their life, and deciding whether or not they want to continue on in a relationship. Also, they may just want to be single when going home to reunite with their high school friends. Read on for signs a breakup might be on the horizon.

You're fighting a lot.

Your relationship could be close to its conclusion if you notice that you and your partner are fighting a lot, especially leading up to Thanksgiving.

"Often, if someone is being overly argumentative about smaller things, they are holding on to deeper issues that they are struggling with," Dr. Nikki Goldstein, relationship expert, told Elite Daily.

They're distant.

If you're trying to solidify plans and your partner is evasive or straight up ignoring you while you're trying to determine what you'll do for the holiday, they could be trying to let you off easy. They may be distant when making plans because they just don't want to make those plans.

"If they are pulling away, give them the space and see if they come back," Goldstein said.

If not, they could just want to go separate ways. In this case, actions certainly speak pretty damn loudly.

You just know.

Something is definitely to be said for your own person intuition. If you feel like something is up or abnormal from your usual routine or way you and your partner are, that may actually be the case.

"You should never underestimate your gut instinct," Dr. Goldstein said. "Often, woman are told they are being silly or stupid, but don't let anyone diminish what you feel."

If any of the above signs ring true for you, consider having a conversation with your partner to address it. If it does turn out that they do want to break up, maybe it's for the best. Since you're going home for Thanksgiving, you'll be surrounded by family and the best comfort foods you can think of to process the end of the relationship.