'The Crown' Has Reportedly Found Its Final Prince Charles & He's A Familiar Face

by Ani Bundel

Ever since the casting choices for the final two seasons of Netflix's The Crown started rolling out, fans have been on edge to see the full list. So far, the show has been batting a thousand when it comes to who it lands. Imelda Staunton will play Queen Elizabeth, Jonathan Pryce landed Prince Philip, and Lesley Manville will be the final Princess Margaret. When Netflix announced Elizabeth Debicki as Diana, fans began to go wild, speculating who would play Charles. So, will Dominic West play Prince Charles in The Crown? A new report says he's in talks for the role. (Netflix declined Elite Daily's request for comment on the reports.)

Dominic West is best known on this side of the pond for his role in HBO's critically acclaimed series The Wire, in which he played the lead role of Detective James McNulty. But the Yorkshire-born West is probably more familiar to the PBS crowd for his award-winning turn in British series like The Hour, Burton & Taylor, and Appropriate Adult.

Ironically, his most recent turn on American television was in Showtime's The Affair. He played Noah Solloway, one half of the couple having the titular extramarital entanglement. Now, according to Deadline, he's in talks to play Charles during the era when the Prince of Wales was involved in one of the most famous affairs in royal history.

John Stillwell - PA Images/PA Images/Getty Images

The story initially broke in the British press, when The Sun reported West was "lined up" to play Prince Charles during the Camilla Parker Bowles affair years. It came on the heels of the British tabloids having a field day with West's personal life only a few days prior after pictures surfaced of the married actor with his Pursuit of Love co-star Lily James. West surprised fans by responding directly to the rumors about infidelity, posing with his wife Catherine FitzGerald and posting a note their marriage was fine, thanks.

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images , Netflix

Landing a role in Netflix's long-running series about the royal family has become one of Hollywood's most prestigious casting achievements. It remains to be seen if the deal with West goes through. While most of these deals are nearly set by the time they hit the press, fans of The Crown will recall there have been last-minute disappointments before. For example, Paul Bettany was reported to be "in talks" to play Prince Philip for Seasons 3 and 4. But the deal was never finalized, and the part went to Outlander actor Tobias Menzies instead.

The Crown Season 4 is currently set to arrive on Sunday, Nov. 15, 2020, with 10 episodes.