'Westworld' Fans Are Freaking Out Over Dolores' Fate In The Finale & I'm Screaming

by Ani Bundel

Warning: Spoilers for Westworld Season 2 finale follow. When Dolores watched Teddy die at the end of last week's episode, it was like the last strand that was connecting her to humanity snapped. Even so, she clearly couldn't leave him behind. So at the top of this week's episode, she pulled his brain muffin, and the bullet from his host head, and took them with her. But after running into first William and then Bernard, Dolores' path took an unexpected turn when she finally reached the Forge inside the Valley Beyond, which has fans now asking: Will Dolores be in Westworld Season 3?

Dolores' completely bulletproof nature to William's bullets was a surprise not just to us but to him, especially when his hand blew off when he tried to shoot her in the head. But while she was completely invulnerable to him out in the park, inside the Forge turned out to be another matter entirely.

After spending time with her inside the program, watching the early recreations of Delos to create a host of a real person, and even running into Logan as the system control in the Forge, Dolores began the flooding procedures that would create the situation Bernard and company find in the Season 2 premiere.

But Bernard wanted to stop her from destroying it. He'd opened the Door to the Valley Beyond with Logan's help, so the hosts could escape. So he shot her. And she dropped.

But that was too easy.


No, it turned out there was a backup plan. After Charlotte killed Elsie, Bernard realized he was wrong. Hosts were not better than humans. So with Ford's help, Bernard brought her back, because he realized she was right. And he put her in Charlotte's clone.

I know, I *totally* didn't see that coming either.

Of course, Charlotte has host clones. She knew about the Delos project, she probably planned for her to be next after Delos finally got all the bugs out. Bernard knew, and used that to his advantage. He planted a copy of the Dolores-Wyatt combined programming in the spare Charlotte host, shot the real one, and took over.

What's wrong with the "Two Weeks Later" scenario? Well, lots of things. But one of them is that's not Charlotte. That's Dolores, in a Charlotte host body. And at the end of the two weeks, she shots them all, Strand, all of them. She also shoots Bernard, as he cannot escape from this world in any way but death.


That leaves Charlotte to escape, walk off the island and find her way to the main land, infiltrating as she goes. In her purse as she leaves is a gun, with the plan to shoot anyone on the way out who stops her. But she doesn't need it. Stubbs, who it is hinted is a host too, recognizes she's a host at once, guesses at her motivations, and declares she must be allowed passage on the boat at once.

But while the Charlotte host is sailing away, a few precious mind marbles floating in the bag under her gun. her mind is also in a safe place. A place Ford made for her and Bernard to escape to one day. Like the hosts who were freed into the Valley Beyond, she and Bernard are free in their own little reality too. They'll be each other's companions, because Dolores knows she can't do this alone. She needs Bernard, and he needs her. Bernard wants to stop her from destroying humanity, but she needs him anyway. They'll remain locked in opposition, in their little haven, while Dolores puts her plan into motion in Season 3.

This is going to be a long wait.