Will Beyonce Drop An Album In 2019? Here's Everything The Beyhive Should Know

by Nicholas Rice
Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In the past year, Beyoncé toured across the world with husband JAY-Z, became the first black woman to headline Coachella, and blew fans away with her Global Citizen Festival performances. As she heads into the new year, many are wondering: Will Beyoncé drop an album in 2019? After releasing six solo albums that went straight to number one on the Billboard charts and experimenting with a joint album with JAY-Z last year, fans can't help but speculate that new music from Queen Bey might be coming within the year. With the release of Disney's live-action The Lion King listed as the only clear project on Bey's ever-mysterious schedule, room for a new album is definitely a possibility.

For starters, fans believe new music could be on the way since her last solo release was back in 2016 — her most personal album, Lemonade — and she is known to release albums every two to three years. In 2018, however, she and JAY did release their highly anticipated joint record, Everything Is Love, but fans are still convinced that she will release some solo work before the year's end. Beyoncé has become notorious for popularizing surprise album releases — beginning in 2013 with her iconic and game-changing release of her self-titled album — so it would be interesting to see if she sticks with the same album rollout.

BEYONCÉ, the singer's self-titled album, was released on iTunes in December of 2013 with no prior warning or promotion at all. Whereas Lemonade was hinted at after it showed up on HBO's TV listings, fans were still unaware of what the project would be exactly. Everything Is Love was rumored about for years after JAY-Z and Beyoncé wed, but only secretly dropped after a performance in London on their joint On the Run II tour.

Members of the BeyHive have also been quick to pick up on some hints that Beyoncé may be giving to her fans. During her incredible set at Coachella in April of 2018, Beyoncé used a backdrop with a solar eclipse that fans initially thought nothing of until she later reused the same backdrop during her performance at the City of Hope Gala in October, and then later reused again during her wedding performance for the daughter of India's richest man. Fans have also noticed that the eclipse used in each performance gets lower and lower leading them to speculate that new music is on the horizon.

Last year, fans also came under the impression that music’s reigning royal had released new music after two albums titled Have Your Way and Back Up, Rewind were released under the alias Queen Carter. Apple Music and Spotify streamers were quick to assume the material was brand new before members of Beyoncé's sleuthy BeyHive revealed the tracks on the albums were just previously released songs among other unreleased tracks and demos of hers, and there was nothing new to see.

Whether or not Beyoncé chooses to release this year is yet to be seen, but the wait — which her fans commonly call the Beyhydration — could possibly be over soon.