'Grey's Anatomy' Fans Have One Major Questions About Amelia & Owen After The Season Premiere

by Ani Bundel

Owen and Amelia's relationship has been a slow-moving disaster, at least the first time around. Though Amelia has been around since Season 7, two years after Owen's arrival, she didn't become a full-time presence at Settle Grace until Season 11. Since then she and Owen got together, broke up, and finally got married. Their relationship eventually imploded last season, but they still share a house and are sort of raising a kid and his teen mother as a bizarre family unit. Will Amelia and Owen get back together on Grey's Anatomy? Warning: Spoilers for Grey's Anatomy Season 15 follow.

When Teddy Altman arrived back at the end of Season 14, she claimed she was coming back to the city to stay. Dr. Bailey was so chuffed, she offered Teddy the Interim Chief position right there on the spot. But the thing is, Teddy arrived back with a whole lot of assumptions in play. She and Owen slept together in Germany. Teddy now is carrying his kid. She thought, since the marriage to Amelia was kaput she could show up, announce "Surprise, Owen the baby you always wanted, in my tummy!" and everything would be happily ever after.

Then she pulled up to Owen's house and discovered he and Amelia still lived together, and Betty told her "the baby kept them up all night."

Teddy, put two and two together and jumped to 37. Apparently, Owen and Amelia are back together, they have a kid and, I dunno, a live-in nanny, or something. In short, without using her words, Teddy assumed she needed to not be in Seattle. She rejected the Interim Chief position and tried to run away.


But while Teddy was dithering and babbling the news she was carrying Owen's love child to everyone who would listen (Maggie Pierce, Casey Parker, The Lady In the Next Bed) except the person who needed to hear it (Owen), Amelia was trying to deal with the idea Teddy was back. (And worse, was offered Interim Chief over her.) Sitting with Tom Koracick in the brain room, she found herself on the end of a lecture about going for what you want.

Not that Tom is exactly the world's greatest expert on love, except maybe in "What Not To Do." But that was kind of his point. He let his wife walk out and be with someone else without admitting he loved her, or that he wanted to fight for her. He says it was the worst mistake he ever made. Whatever Amelia does concerning Teddy is moot. When it comes to Owen, she should use her words.


By the end of the first hour, that's precisely what Amelia had done. "I have feelings," she announced. Owen was so startled he didn't know what to say at first. But Teddy's statement to him in Germany, that he was afraid to be alone, rattled him. And here was Amelia, wanting to try again.

Maybe if Teddy had used her words the first time, she might have had a shot, and Amelia would have been out for good. But by the end of the second hour, the two of them have committed to making it work. Everything just got a whole lot more complicated from here on out.