Dan Levy talked about the possibility of a 'Schitt's Creek' Season 7 after the series finale.

This May Not Be The End Of 'Schitt's Creek' For Good, According To Dan Levy


Schitt's Creek may be over, but Dan Levy isn't opposed to revisiting the quirky small town. On Tuesday, April 7, CBC and Pop TV aired the series finale of Schitt's Creek, and it brought a satisfying end to the stories of Johnny, Moira, David, and Alexis Rose. However, according to Levy, Schitt's Creek Season 7 could really happen somewhere down the line, so there is hope for fans who are finding it hard to say goodbye.

When Levy announced on Instagram last year that Schitt's Creek Season 6 would be the show's final season, he made it clear the decision to end the series was a deliberate, creative choice, as it would bring about the ending he had envisioned from the beginning. But even though Levy got to end the show on his own terms, he is still open to returning to the series for a potential follow-up. In an interview with Variety, Levy admitted he hopes there will be more Schitt's Creek someday:

I’ve been asked a lot about reboots. I was like, “At this point, if we reboot it, it’s just going to be a seventh season.” If an idea crosses my path that I feel like is deserving of our cast’s time, then let’s do it. I don’t know what it could possibly be at this point. But I would love to revisit these characters, and I would love to get to play with this cast again.

Levy shared some fun ideas for post-finale episodes in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, imagining an episode about David and Patrick's honeymoon could be ruined by rowdy spring breakers, and an episode set 25 years into the future would see the couple bickering on their front porch. But don't expect to see any new Schitt's Creek shenanigans anytime soon. Though Levy did say he was open to a potential seventh season, he also clarified he would only be into it for the perfect idea, which he does not have at the moment.

Levy admitted to Variety that if he didn't have a clear ending in mind for Schitt's Creek, he would have loved to keep working with the cast indefinitely. "If things were different, I could work with these people forever," he said. "Like, that could be it. It could be just Days of Our Lives, and we’re on Season 50."

Alas, he did have an ending for his show, and although fans would have loved to see their favorite characters continue their lives onscreen, many must admit their farewell was simply the best.