Steve Carell Got Bleeped During The Golden Globes In A Hilarious Joke About Tom Hanks

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I wouldn't put it past Michael Scott of The Office to get himself into a fumble at a special event, and it looks like the actor behind the character was channeling Michael at a pivotal awards show moment. While presenting Carol Burnett with a lifetime achievement award, Steve Carell was bleeped during the 2019 Golden Globes, but seeing as the comment was likely made with lighthearted intentions, I don't think Tom Hanks or anyone else privy to the diss really minds.

Decidedly unlike his Michael Scott persona and more in-tune with his recent Hollywood superstar vibes, Carell appeared on stage to present Burnett with the inaugural Carol Burnett Award, which recognizes someone who has made outstanding contributions to the specific field of television. Before the comedy legend reached the stage, Carell praised Burnett's lengthy career, joking that the star has been said to "make Tom Hanks look like an a**hole." His words were bleeped out, but it wasn't too difficult to decipher his burn.

While the comment didn't make it past NBC censors, Carell's joke landed strongly within the room at the Golden Globes. Chances are that even your grandma knows that Tom Hanks' title as nicest person in Hollywood is pretty secure, but if someone was to upset that, it has to be the the classy, funny Burnett. While Hanks wasn't there to react to the shout-out in person, Burnett seemed to enjoy the comment from her position backstage.

Twitter also LOLed about the comparison, proving that even though Hanks is literally Mister Rogers, Burnett is in her own special class.

While she may resemble the kindly local librarian that introduced you to Roald Dahl or the Berenstain Bears, Burnett has the kind of gumption and grace I wish I could find. Building a career in a time when women often struggled to break past traditional TV roles of mothers and housewives, she is still revered for her comedy sketch series The Carol Burnett Show. In the announcement of the annual lifetime honor, Hollywood Foreign Press Association president Meher Tatna said:

For more than 50 years, comedy trailblazer Carol Burnett has been breaking barriers while making us laugh. She was the first woman to host a variety sketch show, The Carol Burnett Show. She was also the first woman to win both the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor and Kennedy Center Honors. And now we add another first to her running list: the first recipient — and namesake — of the new Golden Globe top honor for achievement in television, the Carol Burnett Award.
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The most decorated figure in the show's television category, Burnett is also a five-time Golden Globe winner. In her acceptance speech on Jan. 6, she touched upon how lucky she felt, saying, "Sometimes I catch myself daydreaming about being young again and doing it all over and then I bring myself up short to see how incredibly fortunate I was to be there at the right time."

Thanks for making us laugh, Burnett. I'm sure Tom Hanks won't mind polishing his "Nicest Celeb" trophy for you to borrow.