This Theory May Prove Why Fred Andrews Was Targeted On 'Riverdale'

by Billy Lorusso
The CW/YouTube

It's finally here, folks. Riverdale is back after its summer hiatus and sh*t is already heating up in Season 2. Of course, any true Riverdale fan will remember the last episode of Season 1 left us in complete shock when a masked mystery man shot Archie's dad in the middle of Pop's. Now that Season 2 is here, the burning question on all of our minds is: Who pulled the trigger? Though there are tons of potential suspects (and, let's be real, it could be any of them), one theory on who shot Fred Andrews has fans shook.

That's right, as of now it's hard to decide on any one character or motive behind the shooting. Let's not forget we had no idea who killed Jason Blossom or why he was killed until the final episodes of Season 1, though, and this is Riverdale, so it's always who you least expect. On the other hand, the addition of Veronica's father — Hiram Lodge — to the cast certainly has audiences paying close attention to him, especially since he has plenty of motives to kill Fred (you know, considering Fred had an affair with his wife and all).

One way or the other, something tells me we have along road ahead of us before we figure out who did it.

While we wait, though, several fan theories have cropped up online to suggest who the culprit behind the shooting may be. One idea, in particular, submitted by Redditor LthePerry02, makes a lot of sense and already has fans buying into its potential. LthePerry02 writes,

The shooter is Ms. Grundy's ex, who is revealed to be none other than Archie's old mentor, Mr. Castillo. I mean, this almost seems too perfect. Ms. Grundy had a very small part in the first season and Mr. Castillo was basically in one episode and by the finale, NO ONE remembered him. He had to have been more significant. He was probably bitter about Archie and Grundy's "relationship" and took revenge on Fred. There was something suspicious about Mr. Castillo the very first time he came on screen.

The theory suggests Fred's attempted murderer is Ms. Grundy's ex, Mr. Castillo. Of course, there is a history that ties Archie, Ms. Grundy, and Mr. Castillo together, and perhaps Mr. Castillo shoots Fred as a way to enact revenge on Archie for his relationship with Ms. Grundy. As with any theory, there are plenty of plot holes, but — considering how the final moments of the Season 2 premiere ended with Ms. Grundy's brutal murder — it makes sense to assume her murderer also has some connection to Fred Andrews. Whether or not it was Mr. Castillo remains to be seen.

That's not the only theory circulating, though.

Indeed, other popular ideas hold that Hiram Lodge may be the killer, or that Betty's long lost brother has something to do with Fred's shooting; since we will meet both of these characters in Season 2, they're certainly not off the list of suspects. We will also be meeting a new Southside Serpent, Toni Topaz, and, though she may not be the actual killer, she may have some knowledge about the crime, especially if the Serpents are involved.

Meanwhile, some suggest Fred's (former?) lover and Veronica's mom, Hermione, might be the one responsible. A separate theory on Reddit claims Hermione may have planned the sinister act herself in order to get Fred out of the SoDale deal with Lodge Industries; one Redditor writes,

Hermoine wanted Fred out of her plans and I think she wanted to take any measures necessary. This also goes hand in hand when Veronica (maybe foreshadowing) calls Hermione Lady Macbeth.

And let's not forget what Hermione ominously said to Fred in Season 1: "I told you it was in your best interest to get out before Hiram comes back." Clearly Mrs. Lodge knows how to talk like a mob boss, so who knows what else she is capable of.

As intriguing as all of these theories are, we won't be finding out who shot Fred Andrews for quite some time. In the meantime, though, everyone is a suspect and no one can be trusted.

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