Brad Womack on 'The Bachelor'

Let's Break Down Why Brad Womack Got To Be The Bachelor Twice

Edward Herrera/ABC/Getty

On July 20, The Bachelor: The Greatest Season — Ever! will dive into the story of one Bachelor who made history by starring as lead not once, but twice. Producers have never repeated that decision, so there must've been a good reason why Brad Womack was the Bachelor twice, right? Here's the background on this surprising choice:

Womack, now 47, is an entrepreneur who got his first shot at the lead in Season 11 of The Bachelor in 2007. He chose Jenni Croft and DeAnna Pappas as his two finalists in that season, but in what was "the most dramatic moment ever" (at the time) he rejected both women in the finale.

Three years later, during ABC's 2010 Dancing with the Stars finale, it was announced Womack would get another shot as the Bachelor. But why did producers choose to let him do it again? Apparently, he just asked. Chris Harrison told TV Guide at the time: "He called us about [a year ago] wanting to come back and everybody's reaction was: 'We're not sure it's right.' [But] we didn't blow him off. At the same time, the producers talking to Brad have been saying, 'This guy is for real, we believe in him.' The timing just seemed perfect."

According to People, Womack told producers he realized he wasn't prepared to fall in love the first time around, but a few years gave him the time he needed and he was ready to find a partner for real.

Producers knew making Womack the Bachelor again was a controversial decision, particularly since people expected Chris L. or Ty from Ali Fedotowsky's season of The Bachelorette to nab the spot. “At first I was skeptical,” Bachelor host Chris Harrison said to People in 2010. “But the more I thought about it, the more I fell in love with the idea of him coming back, getting another shot.”

It turns out, Womack didn't let Bachelor Nation down his second time around in Season 15... well, at least not right away. He walked away from his second Bachelor attempt with Emily Maynard has his fiancée. However, their relationship hit some turbulence and only lasted a few months. (Emily went on the be the Bachelorette in 2012 and later married a guy from her hometown named Tyler Johnson in 2014.)

With all the drama surrounding Womack's journey on The Bachelor, it's no wonder the franchise is focusing on him in The Bachelor: The Greatest Season — Ever! And although he apparently hasn't found love (yet), don't expect to see Womack to go for Round 3 on the show. "I will not do it a third time," Womack told Harrison in a sneak peak of Monday's episode. "I promise you."