Don't Panic, Here's Why 'Euphoria' Isn't Nominated For Any Emmys This Year


TV fans everywhere are ready to celebrate their favorite shows at the 71st Primetime Emmy Awards, but they may notice that one of the summer's hottest shows is missing from this year's categories. Viewers have a big question: Why isn't Euphoria nominated for a 2019 Emmy? Keep calm, because 2020 is the HBO drama's time to shine at the Emmys.

Premiering on HBO on June 16 and airing in eight parts, Euphoria introduced former Disney Channel star Zendaya as a recovering teenage drug addict as she struggled to find her place in her community. The series followed Zendaya's Rue and several of her friends as they faced issues of addiction, insecurity, and sexuality. Euphoria didn't shy away from depicting teenagers' most vulnerable moments, raking in high viewership and much praise for both its storytelling and Zendaya's acting.

Anyone catching up on Emmy nominations before the Sept. 22 ceremony may wonder why such an acclaimed show is absent from the list of recognized content. Don't worry, because you haven't missed the chance to see Zendaya rule the red carpet as a nominated star. The eligibility period to be nominated for the 2019 Emmy Awards was June 1, 2018, through May 31, 2019, meaning that Euphoria premiered past the 2019 ceremony's deadline. It'll be more than a year since the Season 1 premiere when the series is officially up for potential recognition at the 2020 Emmy Awards, but better late than never, right?


Euphoria joins other summer content such as Season 3 of Stranger Things and Season 3 of GLOW as early possibilities for 2020 award season nominees, but fans still have reason to celebrate. The series was renewed for Season 2 in July 2019, with Zendaya tweeting, "Can’t say thank you enough for the support we’ve seen, wow."

HBO executive Francesca Orsi said in a statement:

Euphoria creator Sam Levinson has built an incredible world with an extraordinary cast led by the supremely talented Zendaya. We are so grateful that he chose HBO as the home for this groundbreaking series. We look forward to following these complex characters as their journeys continue through the challenging world they inhabit.

Just as the award recognition for Season 1 of Euphoria will be a little delayed compared to the season's airing, possible Emmys for Season 2 will likely be drawn out, too. If Euphoria follows the same production schedule as Season 1, fans can probably expect to see new episodes in summer 2020, which will be eligible for awards in 2021. Talk about delayed gratification!

On the bright side, Zendaya will still be at the 2019 Emmy Awards as a presenter. She joins a lineup that includes Seth Meyers, Angela Bassett, Viola Davis, Michael Douglas, and more. Consider Zendaya's onstage moment presenting as a sweet precursor to her possible 2020 time as a glitzy Emmy nominee. Fingers crossed that Euphoria's long wait is well worth it next year.

The 2019 Emmy Awards air at 8 p.m. ET on Sunday, Sept. 22, on FOX.