5 Underrated Reasons Why You Should Go On Spring Break With Your Childhood Bestie

by Tessa Harvey

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am so ready to welcome some sunshine back into my life on spring break. At this point, we're over two months into winter, snow, ice, and freezing temps every time we brave the outdoors. It's safe to say spring break comes in clutch right about now. This year, everyone I know is hyping up their trips and who they're going where with. In college, it's so simple to go on a vacay with your college besties, your SO, or your intramural team. It's super easy to forget that you might have the most fun heading on an ultimate getaway with one of your BFFs since childhood. Why go on spring break with your childhood bestie, might you ask? There are many golden reasons why you should call her up ASAP.

I can hear you thinking it now: "Childhood bestie? I haven't truly hung out with her in years." Let me start out by saying spring break is the ultimate time to reconnect. If you're both still looking to have the best spring break trip out there, you two should definitely consider planning something together.

Just think about it. Your childhood bestie was your number one for more years in your life than anyone else. And let's be real — no one else knows you quite as well. There are too many good reasons to go on a spring break trip with your BFF from childhood, but these five reasons are a good start.

Reconnection Is What It's All About

So here's the awkward thing — maybe you're up for going on a spring break trip with her. Maybe you'd actually love to see her. But, you two haven't really talked in ages. Won't it be a little weird?

No worries. We all get a little nervous hanging out with people we haven't seen in awhile. Going on spring break with your childhood bestie gives the two of you a chance to reconnect and catch up on each other's lives. Soon enough, it'll be like you never took a break.

You'll Be Feeling All Of The Nostalgia

If you go on a trip with your best friend from childhood, you're gonna experience some serious blasts from the past. No FOMO worries here, because you're going to be too caught up in the "time flies" vibes. It'll feel so incredible.

You'll get to spend hours relaxing on the beach, in the pool, and getting your tan on — all while reliving some of the best moments from the past. You may even leave vacay with a six pack from all of that sidesplitting laughing you're going to be doing.

You Can't Deny The Adorable Throwback Pics

Throwback Thursday is way overrated, in my opinion, but throwback pictures never get old. Seriously, go ahead and post as many on Instagram as you want. I will always accept your slideshows with "Us, then; us, now," captions.

The two of you can even recreate memories from years ago. Not to mention, getting started on that bucket list from years ago. Talk about quality social media content right there.

You're Basically Family

Chances are, you spent so much time with your BFF while you were growing up that you know each other's families about as well as you know your own. Her parents didn't even bother sending you home, because they knew you'd be right back, and vice versa.

You guys are essentially like family — sisters not related by blood, but by a special kind of bond. You'll totally be in your comfort zone during this vacation, and you'll certainly appreciate catching up on all of the family drama that you will both bring with you.

You Can Let Your Guard Down

Last, but seriously most importantly, there's no faking it when you're with your childhood bestie. She's not expecting you to put up a face or pretend to be anything you're not. You knew each other from the get-go, and that's not a bond that's easily broken.

So, let that guard down, and kick up the relaxation. A true spring break is one where you don't have to worry about any kind of schedule or priorities. That's just what you'll get when you're living it up with your childhood best friend.