Here's Why Colton Sent Everyone's Favorite "Villain" Demi Home On 'The Bachelor' Week 6


Another one bit the dust early on Week 6 of The Bachelor when yet another contestant found herself eliminated before a rose ceremony. While fan-favorite Elyse broke viewers' hearts by choosing to cut herself from the competition last week, the cast's dramatic time in Vietnam culminated with Colton Underwood eliminating one of the most controversial contestants. Why did Colton send Demi home on The Bachelor? They clashed over their conflicting feelings for each other, but we're bound to see more of Demi in the future.

Known for stirring drama with other women who subsequently crumbled and missed out on a rose, Demi quickly filled in the position of season "villain" this year. Prior to arriving at the mansion, she was vocal about her mother being in federal prison and eventually told Colton about the complicated family detail. But before this week, Demi wasn't one to show vulnerability in front of the women.

The preview for Week 6 changed that perception, showing Demi crying in another girl's arms and tearfully admitting to the camera, "Looks like I'll be fighting someone tomorrow." The promo then ended with a woman resembling Demi seemingly approaching Colton's hotel room for what could only be an intense conversation.

Before the out-of-context preview scenes appeared in the new episode, Demi expressed her aggravation about going on another group date. Like all women, she wanted more one-on-one time with Colton, but her frustration led to her nearly getting injured during the group date's boxing challenge. She then took a big step in their relationship when she invited Colton to call her recently released mom with her. Still, Demi was eager to see him again and show him her "passion."

Following the group date, a determined Demi revealed her "plans" to seduce Colton and take his virginity. In actuality, this seemed to be more of just a typical Demi quip than her truth. Obviously, such a mission isn't even supposed to be possible until the week of Fantasy Suites, but if there was anyone who could easily bend the rules, it was Demi.

After sneaking over to his hotel room, Demi shared the truth about her feelings to Colton. She was falling in love with him and believed that, if he knew how seriously she considered their relationship, it would be a "breakthrough" for them. According to Demi, she never anticipated having genuine feelings, but now wanted "time to enjoy each other."

However, Colton couldn't relate to the level of affection she was approaching. He wasn't sure if he could picture a life with her. Because they were in different places, he chose to say goodbye to her rather than keep her around for the rose ceremony. Like Sydney before her, Demi also warned him before she left about sticking to the "safe" picks among the remaining women. Gee, I wonder why that's become a pattern.

If you've kept up with Demi's quotability throughout the season, you know that there's nearly a guarantee that we'll see her spilling the tea on Bachelor in Paradise this year. If producers are good at their jobs, they'll probably enlist one of the women Demi feuded with for the beach crew as well. Tracy and Courtney were eliminated in the same week after having separate battles with the 23-year-old interior designer, but Paradise is no stranger to recruiting early castoffs for dramatic purposes. Is it August yet?

Season 23 of The Bachelor continues on Monday, Feb. 18, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.