Here's Why Hannah Sent Mike Home On 'The Bachelorette'

ABC/John Fleenor

Much of Hannah Brown's Bachelorette season has featured contestant Luke P. and his possessive approach to his relationship with Hannah, but in between his instigation of drama, there's been the sunshine that is Mike Johnson. The 31-year-old won fans' support for his typically calm and collected approach to upset among the group of men vying for Hannah's heart. While some of his stances for justice haven't sat well with a few viewers, Mike's big smiles and genuine-looking support of the season's other men have made him a season favorite, so why did Hannah send Mike home on The Bachelorette?

The Air Force veteran and portfolio manager made a strong first impression at the start of Season 15 when he emphasized the importance of listening to Hannah rather than talking about himself. A few weeks in, he also opened up about his ex miscarrying and his guilt about not being there for her. He then scored his first one-on-one date with Hannah in Scotland, where they wandered around Inverness together.

While the day of drinking moonshine and sampling sour candy seemed low-key and fun, part of Bachelor Nation picked up on the two's intense friendship vibes rather than a romantic connection. Hannah still gave Mike a rose at the end of the night, and in Amsterdam during July 1's episode, he was even invited on one of three one-on-one dates ahead of hometown visits the following week.


After she gave front-runners Jed and Tyler roses on their own one-on-one dates, Hannah and Mike biked around the city of Utrecht and stopped by an artist's studio. They sketched each other before the artist decided to take over, essentially giving them sheets of fabric to wear for the drawing session.

The day kicked off smoothly, but just as audiences sensed, it's only a matter of time before a guy in The Bachelorette's friend zone has overstayed his welcome. While Mike was falling for Hannah, it was clear that the leading lady had stronger feelings for several other men. Hannah confessed to cameras that while Mike was always honest with her, she wasn't sure how she felt and whether she could see a future with him. On Twitter, Bachelor Nation had a sense of where this day was headed.

On the night portion of their date, Hannah greeted Mike with sweaty hands and a nervous disposition. She started discussing the art at the museum they were at and how one portrait encompassed her current feelings. "This is my life and I can't control when things are gonna hit me," she said. "I'm not OK ... you've been such a leader here ... one of the first conversations we had was how you don't want to get your heart broken and I know how bad that hurts. You've talked about the three ladies in your life ... you've been talking about how you're looking for your fourth lady and I know I'm not that fourth lady."

In true classy fashion, Mike thanked her for being honest, understanding her meaning without her having to confirm that painful rose rejection. "This has been the hardest goodbye, and it's because of how good of a human Mike is," Hannah told cameras. "It hurts to hurt people along the way for something you believe in."

"I know I was opening my heart up to Hannah," Mike confessed in his exit limo, "and I know that she crushed me."

Watching Mike's exit was heartbreaking, but based on fans' love of him, this likely won't be the last Bachelor Nation sees of him. Twitter's "Mike for Bachelor" campaign has remained steady and vocal throughout the season, and ABC is long overdue to cast a black Bachelor. But audiences will still have to wait several weeks before a decision about The Bachelor is made public, as the network typically reveals the new star in late August or early September. Mike could also appear on this summer's Bachelor in Paradise, and as past leads Nick Viall and Colton Underwood have proven, a stint on Paradise doesn't rule men out as potential Bachelors. Until then, I'll be revisiting Mike's greatest moments on a loop.

Season 15 of The Bachelorette continues at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, July 8, on ABC.