Basit & Jonathan From 'Are You The One' Split & The Reason Why Will Break You

Basit/ Instagram

In case you haven't heard, one of Are You The One's winning couples just broke up. It's truly sad considering the MTV show produced a special season with sexually fluid individuals to support the LGBTQ community and provide a safe space for contestants to find love. While all of the contestants left matched up and $750,000 richer on Sept. 9, it looks like one of the show's favorites have already split. So, why did Basit and Jonathan from break up? It's for such a sad, yet relatable reason.

On Sept. 24, Basit took to Instagram to reveal heartbreaking news about their relationship with Jonathan. Under a photo of themselves and Jonathan in coordinating, futuristic attire at the Are You The One finale, Basit wrote:

"I met a boy in Hawaii who had the most beautiful head of hair. From the moment we locked eyes I knew our connection was magnetic, but I could have never predicted how much our relationship would grow and evolve in such a short period of time. We ended up winning in more ways than one."

Aww... I can just tell they had something truly special. Just look at their grins below. Unfortunately, Basit goes on to detail how their budding romance began to fall apart.

"Jonathan booked a flight to NYC right after we left Hawaii, and when he arrived here we picked up right where we left off," Basit continued. "Our time spent together after @areuthe1 was proof that our relationship was genuine and authentic, and it gave me so much peace of mind to know we had built a relationship based in honesty and communication." Aww... that is so beautiful. So like, where did things go wrong?!

"My life, my goals, and my dreams are all based here in NYC, and I have no intentions of leaving anytime soon," Basit continued. "Jonathan on the other hand had a difficult time seeing himself living in NYC which is totally understandable. This city ain’t for everybody."

It really isn't. It's hustling, bustling, and full of some of the most putrid aromas known to man. On the other hand, it is the city that never sleeps and if you can "make it" in New York, you can make it anywhere. But that wasn't the case for this relationship. Sadly, Basit and Jonathan don't plan on trying long-distance.

"Ultimately we had to decide whether or not we would pursue a long-distant relationship, and because we value our connection so deeply we have chosen to end our romantic relationship on mutual, positive, and supportive note," added Basit. "We value each other so much, and have a deep respect and appreciation for each other. I personally have been in enough unsuccessful long distance relationships, and at the end of the day we both have to do what’s best for us." Honestly, it takes a truly mature and sound individual to be able to recognize when a relationship you've wanted for so long, just won't work. Kudos Basit.

Things happen for a reason and maybe Basit and Jonathan weren't really the one for each other and that's OK. Here's to wishing them all the best.