Here's Why Clare & Dale Reportedly Reunited To Hang Out In Florida

by Candice Jalili
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Still extremely confused as to why Clare Crawley and Dale Moss are reportedly together in Florida? I've got you covered. "Dale had regret over everything that happened between him and Clare and has been reaching out to her recently," a source close to Crawley reportedly told E! News on Feb. 17. "She finally caved and decided to answer his calls and talk it out with him."

So, does that mean they're getting back together? It's apparently complicated. "She's been trying to move on but it's been very hard. She wanted to see him in person so she flew to Florida to be with him," the source reportedly explained before adding, "They aren't back together but Clare has expressed she misses him and wants to work it out."

Whether or not they do get back together, the source did reportedly note that Crawley has apparently forgiven Moss for the part he played in their split. For his part, Moss is reportedly set on proving to Crawley that he's a good person.

ICYMI: Bachelor Nation fans were shocked when Reality Steve and TMZ released footage of Crawley and Moss reportedly hanging out in Florida on Feb. 16. The photos Reality Steve shared on Twitter feature the duo holding hands and smiling as they go for a walk alongside what seems to be a highway. A separate video posted by Reality Steve that same day shows them crossing a street together.

The photos published by TMZ feature Moss and Crawley hanging out at a bar. "TMZ's obtained these pics of Clare and Dale inside Nokomo's Sunset Hut in Nokomis, FL ... we're told they walked in together Tuesday and even hugged a few times," the site reported, claiming, "Folks who were there tell us Clare and Dale downed a couple of Moscow mules as they hung out by the bar for about 45 minutes, then they left together and walked down the waterfront." A separate eyewitness source reportedly told E! News the pair was "all smiles" at Nokomo's Sunset Hut. "They seemed like they were having a good time. It was just the two of them."

Neither Crawley nor Moss have publicly acknowledged the reunion or posted any shots of each other to their respective social media profiles. That said, Moss did post a video of himself getting a glittery pedicure because he "lost a bet" on Feb. 17. The sound of a woman laughing can be heard in the background. So, maybe the bet was with Crawley and she's the woman laughing?

Moss was the first to announce that he and Crawley had split in a since-deleted post on Jan. 19. While his post made it seem as though the decision to go public with the split was mutual, Crawley took to Instagram on Jan. 21 to say she "was made aware of a 'mutual' statement at the same time you all were."

Here's to hoping they do whatever's best for them both.