The Girl In Justin's "Hold On" Video Has A Super Impressive Acting Resume


Justin Bieber is back with one of his most high-intensity music videos to date. The singer released "Hold On" on March 5, and it's a lot to take in. Everyone is talking about his female co-star, who portrays Bieber's girlfriend and faces a terminal illness in the visual. Exactly who is the girl in Justin Bieber's "Hold On" video? Well, you may have seen her before.

There's ~a lot~ going on in JB's new video, but it's all centered around Bieber's love for his lady. In the clip, JB robs a bank, defies police, and breaks into a hospital room, all to see his bed-ridden girlfriend in the hospital. Ko delivers a brilliant (but heartbreaking) performance, and fans were moved to pieces by her acting skills.

"Christine Ko didn’t have to go that hard, she deserves an Oscar," one fan tweeted of her performance.

Ko spoke out about what it meant for her to be an integral part of Bieber's new video. "Thank you for trusting me to tell this story with you @justinbieber directed by the incredible @colinseyes and immense gratitude to @boyinthecastle@sb_projects. What a joy it was to create art together," she captioned an Instagram post.

You can see Ko appear in the video for "Hold On" below.

If Ko looks familiar, it's because you've probably seen her before. She's appeared in a number of television shows in the past, including the CBS sitcom The Great Indoors where she played the role of Emma. She also stars on the FXX series Dave alongside Dave Burd. Most recently, she stepped into the shoes of Angela in the 2020 film TigerTail.

Fans were pleased to see Bieber enlist an Asian actress to fill the role in his new video, especially amidst the recent rise in hate crimes targeting Asian Americans. Ko has been incredibly transparent about what difficulty of finding her footing in Hollywood as an Asian actress.

"I'm not going to lie, my first couple roles were the [stereotypical] kung fu, karate, kicking gal that comes in and does a couple moves," she told InStyle in April 2020. "Or the computer hacker. It's really weird because then I felt like I was hitting an identity crisis again. When I was working in Asia, I was the American. I didn't really fit in with the locals there. And then, here, I wasn't American enough to be Asian-American."

With her big music video debut, fans couldn't be more proud.