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Who's In The Vlog Squad? David Dobrik's YouTube Crew Is Seriously Massive

Does anybody miss Vine as much as I do? The Vlog Squad probably does. The Vlog Squad is a group of YouTubers who each have millions of people subscribed to their channels. They make videos together all the time, making them a pretty famous bunch on the video platform. For those who are invested in the world of famous YouTubers, that community is having a great year. (As long as you don't think about that dramatic AF James Charles and Tati Westbrook drama, that is.) David Dobrik and his Vlog Squad represent peak YouTube culture. The group of 20-some vloggers are all BFFs who hang out and make content together in California, but who's in the Vlog Squad, exactly?

Dorbik started out as a Vine sensation, back when that gem of an app was still a thing (pour one out for the fallen homie). Like a lot of other famous Viners, Dobrik transitioned over to making YouTube content once Vine went bust. Since then, his channel has become one of the most popular out of all the viral YouTube content creators, landing him sweet gigs like hosting the 2019 Teen Choice Awards, among other things.

The Vlog Squad is known for its hilarious videos. I say hilarious because I know there are a bunch of people who love them, but honestly, the energy in their videos is way too much for me. The high-intensity chaotic energy jumped out! No tea, no shade. Just not for me. But I do love that Josh Peck is part of it. Hug me, vlogga!

Here are the rest of the members of the vlog squad, including some past members who are slaying their solo work:

David Dobrik

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Dobrik uploads new videos to his channel three times a week. That means he's practically always filming something and is always getting into hilarious antics #ForTheContent.

Liza Koshy

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Arguably the most successful member of the Vlog Squad (yes, I stan Liza), Koshy has been slaying the game since her Vine days. She and Dobrik actually dated for a while before amicably breaking up in 2018. They've remained friends, and while Koshy has a lot of solo work she gets done (she recently attended the Met Gala as a Vogue correspondent!), she still appears in some vlog squad videos. Go, Liza!

Josh Peck

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The former Drake & Josh star also makes his own solo content, but his involvement in the Vlog Squad was a long time coming. Peck jokes a lot in Dobrik's videos about the fact that he turned to Vine, and then YouTube, when his acting career didn't take off further after the Drake & Josh years. His hilarious presence is a vital part of the squad.

Jason Nash

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Nash's presence in the squad is hilariously random. He's an older guy that hangs out with a bunch of millennials making bonkers videos. They joke about the former Vine star's age in the videos all the time, and he plays along in good fun. He also dated one of the Vlog Squad members who doesn't seem to be part of the squad post-breakup.

That vlogger is...

Trisha Paytas

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Paytas and Nash were a YouTube couple just like Dobrik and Koshy. The couple is no longer together, however, and Paytas definitely is not in the squad anymore considering she compared Dobrik to Ted Bundy. Oof. She had a successful solo channel before being in the squad though, so she'll continue to make her own content.

Those are all the most well known members of the squad. I barely pay attention to who's who in the YouTube community and I still know who those people are, so that's saying something. But keep reading for some of the other members who also work their butts off making content for avid YouTube fans week after week.

Heath Hussar

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Hussar and his content partner, Zane Hijazi, are original members of the Vlog Squad.

Zane Hijazi

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Again, an original member of the squad! He and Hussar got their start on a joint Vine account.

Scotty Sire

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Sire was also a Viner before making the switch to YouTube. He also makes music on top of his video content! He's dating Kristen McAtee, who's also in the Vlog Squad.

Kristen McAtee

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McAttee has a hilarious presence on YouTube. You can check out her channel here.

Big Nik

Big Nik is another member of the squad who's close friends with Dobrik. Like Sire, he's a musician (a rapper) who has released his own music.

Corinna Kopf

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Kopf also used to date a fellow member of the squad: Toddy Smith. She's now dating Turner Tenney, a professional Fortnite player. Apparently, that's a thing. She herself got her start on Instagram. She makes her own content outside of the squad.

Toddy Smith

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Smith and Kopf dated for a hot minute, but have both moved on and continue making content on their respective channels. Like Scotty Sire, Smith makes his own music on his channel. He and Sire used to make content together on Vine all the time and continue to do so now.

Brandon Calvillo

Calvillo was also one of Vine's original stars. He makes his own longer form content on YouTube now, mostly a video series where he has conversations in his car with other YouTubers.

Nick Antonyan, aka "Jonah"

Antonyan goes by the name of Jonah on YouTube because of his resemblance to actor Jonah Hill.

Jeff Wittek

Another active member of the Vlog Squad, Wittek released a comedic video of him and Jonah working out together for a week.

Dom Zegliatis

Most commonly known as Durte Dom, Zegliatis is a hella active member of the Vlog Squad. In one of his videos, he took to the streets of California to ask people who they thought the most annoying members of the Vlog Squad are.

Natalie Mariduena

Mariduena techincally isn't a vlogger herself. She's Dobrik's assistant, and that position leads to her being in a lot of Dobrik's content. Her Instagram handle is @assistantnatalienoel, just in case you were wondering how committed to her assistant life she is.

Carly Incontro & Erin Gilfoy

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These two are listed together because they share a joint channel (Carly and Erin). They're active members of the squad and make their own content as well. (Liza Koshy pops up on their channel from time to time.)

Matt King

King switched over to YouTube post-Vine and has been appearing in Vlog Squad videos for a while. He made a video with Koshy, Hussar, and Hijazi back in March for Hijazi's channel, but King seems to stick to Instagram content nowadays. In addition to his personal account, King has a photography account (@matt.took.this) that features photos he takes of his friends, aka many members of the Vlog Squad.

Alex Ernst

Ersnt doesn't post as much content with the squad to his Instagram, but trust he's in it and he and Dobrik are hella close. So close, in fact, Dobrik bought him a Tesla. You can check out the vlog of that moment here.