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Who's In The Vlog Squad? David Dobrik's YouTube Crew Is Seriously Massive


Nobody misses Vine as much as I do, except maybe the Vlog Squad. The collective of YouTubers each have millions of people subscribed to their channels, and since they make videos together all the time, they’re a pretty famous bunch on the video platform. David Dobrik and his Vlog Squad represent peak YouTube culture. The group of 20-something California-based vloggers is constantly evolving as members come and go, but what doesn’t change is they’re all BFFs who hang out and film their shenanigans along the way. But who's in the Vlog Squad, exactly?

Dorbik started out as a Vine sensation back when that gem of an app was still a thing (RIP Vine). Like a lot of other famous Viners, Dobrik transitioned over to making YouTube content once Vine went bust. Since then, his channel has become one of the most popular out of all the viral YouTube content creators, landing him sweet gigs like hosting the 2019 Teen Choice Awards, among other things.

The Vlog Squad is known for its hilarious, high-intensity, and often chaotic videos. Dobrik’s channel is, by far, the most popular among the Squad’s members at 17.7 million subscribers, but every member is still super popular in their own right, which is what makes Dobrik’s network of YouTube stars so powerful.

While the official list of members in the squad is somewhat of a revolving door, with YouTubers coming and going often, there is a core group of members that’s stayed pretty consistent. Dobrik also features regular appearances from major celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Justin Bieber, Josh Peck, and John Stamos. Check out the members of the Vlog Squad below.

David Dobrik

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Dobrik uploads new videos to his channel three times a week (though that’s temporarily on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic). That means he's practically always filming something and is getting into hilarious antics #ForTheContent. Fans can count on endless shenanigans throughout Dobrik’s videos, but they’ve also come to love the altruistic side of his channel as well, because many of his pranks involve surprising his fans with gifts, like cash, cars, iPads, and gaming consoles.

Natalie Mariduena

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Mariduena is Dobrik’s childhood friend and became a staple in Dobrik's videos when she moved out to L.A. to be his assistant. As her years in the Vlog Squad pass, she’s built up a massive fanbase of her own, and now boasts over 4 million followers on Instagram.

Jason Nash

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Nash's presence in the squad might seem somewhat random. The 47-year-old content creator is significantly older than the millennials that make up most of the Vlog Squad, but he still fits in seamlessly. Nash appears in Dobrik’s videos the most besides Mariduena, and often serves as comic relief, regularly dressing up in ridiculous costumes to surprise and scare his fellow squad members. He also dated former Vlog Squader Trisha Peytas, who seems to have exited the collective post-breakup.

Toddy Smith

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Like Dobrik, Smith got his start on Vine. He accumulated over 2 million followers on the platform before he moved over to YouTube when Vine shut down. He’s a musician and often collaborates with fellow Vlog Squadder Scotty Sire. As previously mentioned, he used to date Kopf, but these days, he’s crushing on Mariduena hard, but they still haven’t confirmed they’re actually dating.

Scotty Sire

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Sire is also a rapper and singer who collaborates often with Smith. Actually, they’re such close partners that they actually went on tour across the U.S. together in 2019 on his What’s Going On tour. They also post songs together often. Sire appeared on Smith’s parody love song to Mariduena called “Natalina” in February, and they dropped a single called “Past Life” together in June.

Nick Antonyan, aka "Jonah"

Antonyan is a comedian and writer who goes by the name of Jonah on YouTube because of his resemblance to actor Jonah Hill. He appears regularly in Dobrik’s videos (along with his sister Suzy) and has built up a loyal following of his own of around 500,000 followers on YouTube.

Josh Peck

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The former Drake & Josh star also makes his own solo content, but his involvement in the Vlog Squad was a long time coming. Peck jokes a lot in Dobrik's videos about the fact that he turned to Vine, and then YouTube, when his acting career didn't take off after his Drake & Josh years. He doesn’t appear in a ton of Dobrik’s videos, but his hilarious presence is still a vital part of the squad.

Corinna Kopf

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Kopf was a social media influencer long before she linked up with the Vlog Squad, having started Instagramming about her everyday life in 2012 when she was still a high schooler. She now has over 4 million followers on the platform. Besides her Vlog Squad membership, she’s also influential in the gaming space, having inked an exclusive Fortnite streaming deal with Facebook in 2019. Kopf used to date a fellow member of the squad, Smith. They broke up in 2018, but remained friendly and still appear regularly in Dobrik’s vlogs.

Zane Hijazi

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An original member of the squad, Hijazi got his start in social media stardom with a joint Vine account alongside Heath Hussar. He now has his own YouTube channel where he documents his daily life with nearly 4 million subscribers.

Jeff Wittek

Wittek’s YouTube description simply reads, “Videos get worse every week!” And by worse, he means more and more hilarious. Another active member of the Vlog Squad, Wittek releases comedic videos regularly, from workouts with Jonah to videos where he gives Vlog Squadders haircuts they definitely don’t want.

Matt King

Unlike most of the Vlog Squad members, King doesn’t have a YouTube channel of his own that he keeps updated. He sticks to appearing in his fellow Vlog Squad members’ videos, like Witteck and Hijazi. King has a photography account (@matt.took.this) that features photos he takes of his friends, aka, members of the Vlog Squad.

Carly Incontro & Erin Gilfoy

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These two are listed together because they share a joint channel (Carly and Erin). They're active members of the squad and make their own content as well. (Liza Koshy pops up on their channel from time to time.)

Kristen McAtee

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McAttee has over a million followers on her YouTube channel where she documents her everyday life, much like Dobrik. She was in a 5-year relationship with Sire, but they announced their amicable breakup in February. Although they don’t vlog together much anymore, they’ve stayed super friendly.

Brandon Calvillo

Calvillo was one of Vine's original stars. He makes his own long-form content on YouTube now, including his popular video series where he has conversations in his car with other YouTubers.

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