Whole Foods Is Having A Major Rosé Sale & It's Time To Stock Up

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

OK, ladies and gents: Run — don’t walk — to your local Whole Foods, because its massive rosé wine sale starts on Wednesday, April 4, with prices under $10 per bottle. Yes, you read that correctly — and no, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. The Whole Foods rosé wine sale couldn’t come at a better time, either. With portions of the country still battling winter’s leftover weather (ahem, I’m looking at you, polar vortex), what better way to remind yourself that summer is just around the corner than with a refreshing, bubbly glass of rosé?

The sale starts on April 4 and goes through May 29, and features an impressive and robust list of all your favorite rosés. In true fancy Whole Foods fashion, the grocery store invited its Master Sommelier Devon Broglie (more affectionately known as the store’s “rosé nerd”) to thoughtfully hand-select each bottle of the floral and fruity-flavored beverage from the finest wineries around the world, including France, Argentina, California, Greece, Spain and Portugal.

What’s included in the roundup? Here’s a list of the summery pink wines you’ll be able to purchase today for a few bucks less than normal:

  • Calixo Cava Brut Rosé
  • Orlana Rosé Vinho Verde 2017
  • El Terrano Rosado
  • Alivetto IGP Ile De Beaute
  • French Blue — Bordeaux Rosé
  • Folie en Provence — Provence Rosé 2017
  • Pure Provence Rosé
  • Santa Julia Innovacion Malbec Syrah Rosé
  • Skouras Zoe Rosé 2016
  • Summer Water Rosé 2017
  • Forty Ounce Rosé
  • AIX Coteaux d’ Aix en Provence Rosé

Rosé pairs well with just about anything, so you really can’t go wrong with any of the above bottles. There are a few notable mentions we’d like to point out, though, like the incredibly budget-friendly Orlana Rosé Vinho Verde 2017. According to Broglie, this particular rosé offers “crisp raspberry and strawberry notes” and “refreshing youthfulness” all for $7.99. Sold!

If canned wine is your thing, now’s your chance to score big on four-packs of Pure Provence Rosé during Whole Foods' sale— the perfect addition to your cooler this summer. These cans truly bring a whole new meaning to cracking open a cold one.

Of course, you can really put a whole new spin on the phrase "go big or go home" with a bottle of Forty Ounce Rosé. Yep, turns out 40-ounce bottles aren’t just for brown-bagged cans of beer anymore. Broglie describes this one-liter bottle of rosé from Central France as having “fresh tart cherry and citrus aromas” with a “dollop of whimsical irreverence.” Sign us up!

I can’t guarantee any of the prices since they will vary from store to store — but based on some light research, it appears that the sale is just as good as it sounds with the most expensive bottle ringing in at $35.

While it might seem like there’s ample time to stock up on the sparkly pink juice, do yourself a favor and start your stockpile early for those summer beach trips (hello, Memorial Day plans!). Plus, if you find your stock depleting faster than you anticipated, you can always go back for round two (or maybe even three) before the sale ends in late May. Keep in mind that the sale is only good while supplies last, meaning no rain checks! The promotion is valid exclusively at U.S. Whole Foods stores.

So whatever the weather may be where you live, there’s never a bad time for a nice fine glass of sparkling rosé (which tastes even better when you bought it on sale). Now, go chill those wine glasses and buy a bottle or two.