Here's What To Know About Sabrina's New Love Interest In 'CAOS' Part 4


When Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3 ended in January of 2020, Sabrina had doubled herself and lost both of her boyfriends. Her original mortal boyfriend, Harvey Kinkle, was dating her BFF, Roz. And her more recent boyfriend, the warlock Nick Scratch, had left her after being the Acheron keeping Lucifer imprisoned. But in Part 4, Sabrina meets a cute new guy at Baxter High. So, who plays Lucas in Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina? Fans may recognize him from other projects.

Warning: Spoilers for Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Part 4 follow. The end of CAOS Part 3 saw Faustus Blackwood calling upon the Eldritch Terrors to bring their horrors to Greenwood. Part 4's eight episodes are each dedicated to one of those terrors. From The Dark to The Uninvited, each shows up for Sabrina, her comrades, and her other self to defeat. But when The Weird turns up, Sabrina is a little preoccupied by handsome new lab partner, Lucas. Over studying octopi, Lucas unwittingly becomes the vessel in which the Weird enters Sabrina as a host, hoping to use her to enact world domination.

It's an unfortunate way to spoil the otherwise meet-cute between these two. But even though his time on CAOS isn't long, Ben Ahlers, the actor who plays Lucas, has other projects fans can watch him in.

John Lamparski/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The 24-year-old Ahlers initially got noticed in his one-person show, Anna Garcia Does a One Woman Play. It got him a network TV gig, landing the role of Liam in NBC's short-lived 2019 series, The Village, which was an ensemble series about neighbors in a Brooklyn apartment building. Since then, he's done guest star turns in the Alan Cumming project Instinct and the TV series The University.

Ahler's most significant role, unfortunately, is one that was delayed by the coronavirus pandemic. He's been cast as Jack Treacher in the "American Downton Abbey" series, The Gilded Age, as part of the downstairs set. (His character is the footman/jack-of-all-trades servant to Cynthia Nixon's leading lady, Ada.) The series was supposed to film this year and debut at the end of 2020 on HBO. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, filming has been pushed back to January of 2021, with a tentative premiere set for 2022.

Until then, he'll have to remain yet another "one who got away" on CAOS. It turns out seeing one's crush turn into a Terror is a non-starter, and by the end of the episode, poor Lucas has transferred to what he believes to be the safety of Riverdale High. Fans will have to wait and see if he turns up on The CW and discovers how wrong he is on that score.