Nancy Drew attempting to learn about who killed Dead Lucy

Fans Have 1 Big Question About Dead Lucy In 'Nancy Drew'

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I'll just jump right in: The mysteries on Nancy Drew are already keeping me up at night. Sure, when I tuned in to the new drama on The CW, I knew to expect mystery. After all, the series is based on the classic books that have dominated the shelves of children and pre-teens since the early 20th century. But, the show already has given viewers not just one, but two murder mysteries, and I'm totally invested in solving both of them. If you're anything like me, you want to know: Who killed Tiffany Hudson, and who killed Dead Lucy in Nancy Drew? The mystery got even more intense in the series' second episode.

Warning: Spoilers for Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 2 follow. At the beginning of both episodes of Nancy Drew that have aired so far, the voice of Nancy Drew (Kennedy McCann) told the audience all about Dead Lucy. When she was alive, she was known as Lucy Sable, "Horseshoe Bay's most infamous Sea Queen." She died in the year 2000 near a rocky, seaside cliff just hours after being crowned the town's Sea Queen, and many people believe that her ghost still haunts Horseshoe Bay. Nancy's already had some odd encounters that make her wonder if those ghosts stories are true... and if her family actually had something to do with Lucy's death.

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In case you're wondering, it's pretty clear the ghosts on the show aren't man-made by human villains. McCann told Entertainment Weekly:

The ghosts on this show are very real — and scary! Nancy’s a skeptic, but as these supernatural things crop up, it’s piercing holes in her perception of the world. I mean, she hangs her hat on logic and having tangible reasoning behind everything. That’s always how she views the world, how she conducts her investigations.

In Season 1 Episode 1, the ghost of Dead Lucy led Nancy to her family's attic. That's where she found a message under the wallpaper that told her to find the dress that Lucy was wearing when she died, and Nancy did find it — covered in blood, in a trunk in the attic. It reminded Nancy of the time in her childhood when she saw her parents dig up that same trunk in their backyard. It all had Nancy wondering if her parents could somehow be responsible for Lucy's death.

In Episode 2, Dead Lucy continued to haunt Nancy, and Nancy continued to investigate Lucy' death. Nancy confronted her dad, Carson (Scott Wolf), about her suspicions surrounding the trunk, but Carson had an explanation for everything. He told Nancy the bloody dress was from a prank he played on her mother, and that the trunk was simply something her grandmother had buried in their backyard. TBH, I don't know about Nancy, but I'm pretty sure her dad's probably not telling the truth.

Case in point: At the end of the episode, audiences caught a glimpse of Carson burning the bloody dress Nancy found. If the dress was just from a silly prank, why did Carson feel the need to burn it? Based on this, he seems pretty guilty. Right now, I would bet Carson is the one who killed Dead Lucy. However, Nancy Drew is already filled with twists and turns, so audiences might find out some new information soon that could change all their hunches. Only time (and maybe Dead Lucy) will tell.

Season 1 of Nancy Drew continues on Wednesday, Oct. 23, at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.