Tzuyu steps out in a white dress for a red carpet event.
Here's Everything You Should Know About TWICE's Maknae, Tzuyu

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As one of the fiercest K-Pop groups on the planet, it's no surprise each member of TWICE is equally talented. The girl group is comprised of nine members, but if you're wondering if I have a bias, I don't. It's far too hard to choose when the TWICE ladies are all absolute superstars. That's why I'd like to introduce you to Tzuyu, who, at 20-years-old, has become one of the most recognizable faces in the K-Pop world. If you're not already acquainted with the songstress, these facts about TWICE's Tzuyu are sure to make an instant fan out of you.

Tzuyu is entirely fearless when it comes to being herself, and she's never afraid to make a statement. Since winning a spot in TWICE at the end of the Korean competition show Sixteen, she's made statement after statement by way of her striking fashion, love for her country, and awe-inspiring dance moves. Believe me when I say, the more you learn about Tzuyu, the more impressed you'll be with her. With the TWICE ladies taking the K-Pop world by storm, here's all you need to know about Tzuyu — a member who shines so bright both on-stage and off.

She's The Maknae

Tzuyu was born on June 14, 1999, making her the youngest member of TWICE (aka, the maknae). Despite being the youngest, Tzuyu holds her own and slays the stage with the best of them every time.

She's Taiwanese

It should be noted, while Tzuyu is part of an amazing K-Pop group, she's actually Taiwanese. Basically, Tzuyu is leaving her mark everywhere she goes. She's incredibly proud of her heritage and is never afraid to show it. It's even brought her closer to her bandmates.

In an interview on the Naver V app, Tzuyu explained how helpful her fellow TWICE ladies have been teaching her Korean, which is a second language for her.

“Korean is still difficult for me. The words that sunbaes use during broadcasts still sounds unfamiliar to me," she said. “The unnies take care of me more and try to be good to me since I’m from overseas.”

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She's Got Impressive Pipes

Tzuyu can sing. Like, really sing — which is why she's TWICE's lead dancer and a vocalist. Sure, she's usually belting out hits with her bandmates, but if you listen to her parts isolated, you'll find her talent is even more undeniable.

Her Nickname is Yoda

After several of her fellow TWICE bandmates compared Tzuyu to Yoda from the Star Wars film series, it's become a frequently used nickname for her.

ONCE continued to call her Yoda, and the name stuck. Tzuyu is known to bring her own Star Wars memorabilia to fan meet and greets, and even imitate Yoda at times.

She Adores Dogs

And her pup is the cutest thing ever. Meet Gucci, ladies and gentleman, Tzuyu's adorable Pomeranian.

Her Skateboarding Skills Are Legendary

In further proof that Tzuyu is the coolest chick around, she has tried her hand at skateboarding. After Tzuyu was videotaped learning how to skateboard, fans loved her out-of-the-box style so mich, they created a mobile game called "Tzuyu Skate Twice!" Want to play for yourself? The game is live here.


‌Whether you've been a ONCE for a long time, or you're just now being sucked into the fandom, you can clearly see the group wouldn't be who they are without Tzuyu's charms.

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